Weekly Bull 11/22/11

San Diego County Football Officials Association Memo

To:        Crew Chiefs, Head Coaches, and Athletic Directors

CC:       SDCFOA Instructors & Staff

From:    Steve Coover, Instructional Chair SDCFOA

Date:    11/22/11

Re:       Weekly Bulletin #14

Weekly Bulletin after the Final Weekly Bulletin

Sorry, but a few things came up and I want us all to be on the same page as we enter the CIF Quarterfinals this week.

Reminder - Playoff Fees

First rounds – Referee $73 all others $71 (paid by home school and charged to CIF game expense)

Semifinals – Referee $76 all others $72 (paid by home school and charged to CIF game expense)

Finals – All officials $80 (paid by CIF)

Chain Crew – Semifinals = $39 – Finals = $44

Accommodations for Officials (taken from CIF Playoff Bulletin)

“Coaches and Athletic Directors are asked to continue their efforts to provide professional assistance to officials who work their games.  This would include meeting the officials upon arrival and escorting them to their dressing area as well as escorting them off the field at the contest’s conclusion.  School personnel other than the head coach should be designated to stand by with a key to the official’s room, or the officials should be given a key.  On-site staff should be aware of and observe the privacy of the officials’ locker room/dressing area.  Thank you for your cooperation.”

Passing our of Punt Formation on 4th Down

Lining up in punt formation and then throwing a pass in an attempt to get a defensive pass interference call is illegal in college and the NFL but not illegal in NFHS.  So here is the proper application of the high school rule: If a team lines up in punt formation on 4th down and clearly attempts to complete the pass and there is bumping on the gunner/receiver while the ball is in the air, it will be called DPI.  If a team lines up in punt formation and just throws the ball in the general area of the gunner/receiver (not a real attempt to complete the pass) then the bumping will be ignored, as there was no advantage/disadvantage to the play.  Again, the key is that the offense has an opportunity to run a fake punt, but not an opportunity to get a “cheap” call.

Using Substitutions to Deceive

All officials must be alert for plays, especially on 4th down, where teams use substitutions to hide out or surprise the defense and get off a trick play.  It is illegal participation to use a player, replaced player, substitute, coach, athletic trainer or other attendant in a substitution or pretended substitution to deceive opponents at or immediately before the snap or free kick.

Broken Plays and Ineligible Receivers Downfield

When a team is in the midst of a broken play we all know that the chances of ineligible receivers being down field greatly increases.  Umpires have this responsibility on all pass plays.  And coaches, there is no penalty in high school for ineligibles downfield on punts.

Excessive celebrations

Again, don’t look for this one.  Let the play/players dictate that an unsportsmanlike foul has occurred.  The player must be drawing attention to himself….summersault, other major gymnastic feats, posturing openly to the crowd, spiking the ball, holding the ball aloft as he strides into the end zone, or anything that taunts the opposing team.  Team celebrations are rarely excessive or unsportsmanlike.  Generally we get chest bumping and celebrations between teammates…this is not unsportsmanlike and not done to draw attention….unless OVERLY choreographed….Dancing with the stars stuff!!

Pregame Warm-ups

We’ve had several instances of team’s enthusiasm spilling over into unsportsmanlike conduct.  Regarding the Haka - If the act is done on the field before the game, it must be done between the 45 yard line and the end line, and it may not be directed toward the opposing team or their fans. Teams violating this policy should be given a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  Similarly, teams may not direct their enthusiasm at the opposing team by standing at mid-field shouting, pointing, jumping on the home school’s logo, etc.  That also goes for individuals.  All carry a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty which will be enforced on the kickoff.  To insure that the pre-game goes well I am directing all crews to be on the field 45-minutes before kickoff – 6:15 – adjust your pregame accordingly.  Please have at least one crew member on the 50 yard line at all times.

Overtime Procedure

I’ve attached the procedure, again, for all coaches and officials.

On the Top of our Game

We are now in the prime of the season.  Winning teams will advance to the semifinals to play for a chance to be at Qualcomm Stadium playing for the CIF Championship.  We must be on the top of our game.  The crews are our best and the officials are all hand-picked.  Focus on your responsibilities, look at what you’re supposed to be looking at, communicate within the crew and with the coaches and players, and work together as a great crew!  Make your calls Super Bowl calls or don’t throw!  These are our finest high school football players and teams.  They know how to play the game.  Let it flow!

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