Weekly Bull 9/2/11

San Diego County Football Officials Association Memo

To:        Crew Chiefs, Head Coaches, and Athletic Directors

CC:       SDCFOA Instructors & Staff

From:    Steve Coover, Instructional Chair SDCFOA

Date:    9/2/11

Re:       Weekly Bulletin #1

Email List!

I have tried to make sure that all the right people are getting this Weekly Bulletin.  If your head coach or athletic director did not receive this email, please respond to this email and provide the name and email address of those who are missing.  Conversely, if you need to be taken off this email list, just respond to this email and I will immediately remove your name and address.

Game Fees

This year’s game fees are as listed below:

Varsity Referee $72

Other Varsity Officials $70

All JV and Frosh Officials $60


We are, again, taking the opportunity in the early season to communicate with coaches and players any illegal adornment issues.  Some of the common problems are pants with knee pads that do NOT cover the knee, wristbands not worn at the wrist (may not be worn at the elbows, calves, knees etc. and tail pads that have messages and are not covered.   Tail pads must not have any messages and must be worn either under the jersey or be padded like any other hard surface.  Also, towels must be white and have no markings.  Towel width must be between 4” and 18”.  Towel length must be between 12” and 18”.  Obviously streamers are adornment, as are belts that are worn like streamers.    

Ankles may be taped to protect or prevent injuries.  If the tape is colored and resembles “spats” they are still there to protect/prevent injury so they are not considered adornment. 

Warm Up Area

The entire team must be on their side of the 50 yard line for warm ups.  That restriction begins when the opposing team enters the field for warm ups.

Exiting the Field

Officials are to supervise teams as the exit or enter the field from the same gate.  Any unsportsmanlike conduct between teams can earn a penalty.  Hopefully our helping to escort the teams will prevent any potential misbehavior.

Restricted Area

Let’s continue to work together to keep the restricted area clear as the play is ready to start.  Having coaches and officials working together to remind, warn (early if needed) and enforce the penalty if earned will allow the focus of the official to remain on the players and the action (not the bench).  We have to respect the rule.  We have to enforce the rule.  Coaches want consistency!

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