Weekly Bull 10/26/16


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THE WEEKLY BULL – October 26, 2016 

Meeting this Wednesday 10/26 at Santana - Final Board Elections and Survey of Appointed Officers – Classes will be interrupted this week for final elections for the 4 new board members plus a quick survey of the quality of services provided by our Appointed Officers (Zap, Coover, Ables, Minger).  The Board is looking for some helpful feedback from our members. 

Make Up Meeting Next Wednesday 11/2 – If you need to make up a meeting or you need to take a test, please come to the makeup meeting at Santana.  I can begin to offer testing as soon at 6:30 and the Bull and Video Review will start at 7:00.  I plan to be closing up the school house by 8:00.

Meetings and Tests – Officials who have not met the requirements for meetings or tests must write a letter/email to the board describing why they should be considered for a one-year exemption from the requirements and be eligible for the draft.  The letter/email should be sent to Steve Coover who will present it to the board. 

Banquet Stories – Our Banquet will be on November 16th and we need stories.  See Bob Hood or email him your video or story of our fun-loving mistakes from the 2016 season.  We need a few more!!  Also, remember to attend as you’ve already paid for your BBQ dinner with your 2016 registration dues payment!

The SD Youth Football Fund  - Game check weekend is over, and you have until 10/31 to get your individual or crew contribution in to be in the running for the crew dinner. The Fund is contributing to the crew that contributes the most.  Winner will be determined on 10/31, and be recognized in the Bull on 11/2.  Please organize and get into the website at sdyouthfootballfund.org to make your contribution to assist us in helping the football community in San Diego.  Call or see Jake Minger or Mike Downing on Wed if you have questions, or want to deliver your contribution in person.  Thanks.

SD Youth Football Fund Golf Tourney – Just a few slots left so contact Jake Minger or go to http://www.sdyouthfootballfund.org/ 

Playoff Schedule - 

  • November 11 - 1st Round Divisions 1-IV,  Division V Quarterfinals, 8-Man Semifinals

  • November 18 - Quarterfinals Divisions Open - IV plus Division V Semifinal; 8-Man Finals

  • November 25 - Semifinals Divisions Open – IV

  • November 26 -  Division V final 7:00 pm at Southwestern College; 

  • Friday December 4th - Finals - Division IV 3:00 plus Division I 7:00 at Southwestern College

  • Saturday December 3rd - Finals - Division III 11:00; Division II 3:00; Open Division 7:00 all at Southwestern College

Playoff Division VI – 8-Man Football Playoffs will be a 4-team bracket (semifinals and finals).  Semifinals will be on Friday November 11th and the Championships will be on Friday November 18th.  Location TBA.

CIF Championship Passes – We will again be selling the $5 passes which will allow you access to all CIF games from the 2nd round through the championship games at Southwestern College.  Passes will be on sale at the Banquet on 11/16.  Our SDCFOA pass will not work for the CIF Championship games starting with round 1 on 11/11.

CIF Championship Parking – No reserved parking at all this year at Southwestern College.  It was a nightmare on so many levels.  You can drop off goods or officials near the front entrance of the stadium, but parking is on your own.  Be prepared! 

Playoff Fees – Official in the preliminary rounds and the semifinals will be paid by the schools and charged to game expenses.  Officials working the CIF Championships (finals only) will be paid by the CIF directly.  Here is a list of the playoff fees:

Preliminary and Semifinal Rounds (paid by schools):

Referee                        $79.00

Other Officials            $77.00

CIF Championships (paid by CIF directly):

Referee                        $89.00

Other Officials            $89.00

Chain Crew:

Semifinals (paid by schools)               $45.00

CIF Championships (paid by CIF)     $50.00

Moving the Chains – Chains should not be moving without the permission (signal) of the head linesman.  The head linesman should not move the chains unless given permission (signal) from the referee.  This is the proper procedure in our association mechanics.  Don’t let the chains move without these communication “check points”. The Head Linesman must go to the rear stake and use his heal to indicate the location of the chains for all new series (1st and 10).  Mark with your heal at the chains every time!!!

Penalty Enforcements – Again, no short cuts.  Umpires you drive this proper mechanic.  Do not march off the enforcement alone, for any reason!  HL (or LJ if emergency) must accompany the Umpire.  Umpire check back with LJ who is normally holding the enforcement spot just to get his nod or signal of proper enforcement…then put the ball down.  LJ can then move to the new LOS.

Camera on Chain Crew’s Hat – GoPro?  Not on our SDSFOA chain crews!!!  No filming by chain crew at all.  No communicating with either team bench or players. 

Weekly Effort is There! – I’m very proud of the effort of our crew chiefs and our crews on a weekly basis.  We are now at the crux of the season for teams and we have hit our stride and keep working to best prepare and improve each week.  Two weeks left in the regular season and we must give each game our maximum effort.  Preparation starts now for this week’s game so keep up the outstanding work and good luck!

Weekly Instructional Video – Just a reminder to read the notes associated with the video each week.  Some important concepts are covered and reinforced along with some tips for accuracy and consistency.  Thank you for your weekly effort! - Steve

October 26 2016
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