Weekly Bull 12/5/16

Congratulations on a Great Season! – It is with great pride and appreciation that I send out this brief note of “thanks and congratulations” for an amazing 2016 season.  From the hard working youth football official to the proud high school playoff official you demonstrated the professionalism and officiating excellence that is the SDCFOA. 

How Can We Get Even Better? – Three things come to mind: First, stay in shape or improve our conditioning.  First impressions matter and an unfit official makes a bad first impression…then there is the issue of stamina and mobility.  Second, reflect on your season.  Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for the good things you accomplished this year.  Then list a few items that you can work on.  Third, get into the rule book.  Studying the rule book is time consuming, and the off season provides us with the time to “dig into” the rule and case books.

How Can the Instructional Program Get Better? – Thank you for your survey responses and the largest response was to obtain a more central location for our meetings.  We are working with Scott Carroll and the staff at the Qualcomm offices to see if we could use that location near the intersection of the 805 and Mira Mesa Blvd.  Second, we will be revising the content of the actual meetings to incorporate a bit more of what was seen by crews the week before, while minimizing any repetition from the published Bull and Instructional Video.

Thank You Sal Gambino and Bob Hood – Sal’s Sandwich Shop at the CIF Championships was much appreciated.  He even managed to break even on the deal!  And Bob Hood was again our liaison with the TV production helping out our crews and referees in every championship game! Bob also provided snacks for the crews in their locker room.  Thank you both for all of your hard work which made the championships an even more enjoyable event.

State Championship Information – Again no passes available for the games in San Diego, but you will want to see our teams in action:

Friday 12/9 at Madison at 7:30

Calabasas at Madison

Greg Covington and Jacob Wittler

Saturday 12/10 at Cathedral Catholic at 7:30

Narbonne at Cathedral Catholic

Ed Zaploski and Scott Countryman 

Saturday 12/10 at La Jolla Country Day at 7:30

Arroyo (El Monte) at La Jolla Country Day

Scott Carroll - alternate

Away Games (with our officials)

Zack Marble – Saturday 12/10 - LA High School at Sierra Canyon (at Granada Hills HS) at 7:30

Mike Duggan and Matt Starr – Saturday 12/10 - San Clemente at Edison (at Huntington Beach HS) at 7:30

Jeff Phillips, Fletcher Calvert, Brian Bortness, Brian Mills, Victor Hawthorne – Saturday 12/10 - Yorba Linda at St. Anthony’s (Long Beach) at Veteran’s Stadium in LB at 7:30

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