Weekly Bull 8/17/16


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The Weekly Bull – 8/17/16 

Wednesday 8/17 Agenda

  1. Attendance

  2. Weekly Bull

  3. Mechanics Make UP Exams – If you wish - tonight in Room 803

  4. Instructional Videos (Hudl Coover Instructional Video plus CFOA Film Study – YouTube - “Illegal Personal Contact – Blindside Blocks”

  5. Rules Study – Summer Study Questions (1st half) – See Study Guide for questions to cover. Do you have study guide and answer key? 

FeesThe game fees have increased $3 per level.  This is the first year of our 3-year agreement. Next year we will receive an additional $2 raise at all levels, and $1 more at all levels in 2018:

Varsity Referee – $77

Other Varsity Officials (4) – $75

JV & Frosh Referee – $65

Other JV & Frosh Officials (3) – $64

Rules Study – Please focus your study on the 100 Summer Study Exam questions.  Learn them and it will prepare you for the qualifying exam on September 14th.  Now is the time to really get into the rules book! 

Assignments are Out – Make sure you check Arbiter frequently.  Some members of crews have not accepted their scrimmages or games.  Crew Chiefs please check your crew assignments to see that your guys have accepted! 

Scrimmages are This Week – Every crew should have conducted a thorough pre-game covering all of the elements of a game before they go on the field at the scrimmage.  This could have taken as much as 2 hours so I hope it was conducted in a comfortable setting!  Please check for legal equipment at the scrimmage making note to coaches and players any illegal elements of their equipment.  If you’re not sure of the legality, please don’t comment and contact me.  I will get back to the coach.  Better to be permissive if we’re uncertain than to have to apologize.  I know the practice uniforms are not game uniforms but just kindly remind the coach and player of the legal requirements.  Practice cross-field mechanics including formations, motion, forward-backward passes, and progress.  Umpires and referees work on zone 2 and zone 3 looks on runs and responsibilities on passes.  Begin clock awareness NOW!!!! 

Scrimmages and Hudl – We should be seeing scrimmages showing up on HUDL.  I will send those games to the crews that worked them ASAP.  It is helpful if you build your crew in HUDL.  Please identify your crew as 2016 (ie. Coover Crew 2016).  Call me (or have your video guy call me) or Jon Cima if you need assistance. 

Starting Saturday for Youth Games Only – Optional Hot-Weather Youth Football uniform only: Black coaching/referee shorts w/belt, quarter length black socks. The socks shall be NIKE cushion Quarter sock (DRI-FIT & Moisture Management) Model # SX4835-001 ONLY. Assigned Referee notifies the crew of the option & ALL must be in the same uniform. Shorts may not be worn on or after November 1st or for any Youth Football playoff games. 

HL, LJ and BJ Clinic - The final Clinic for all HL, LJ and BJ will be next week at 7:00 pm at Santana in Room 804.  Scott Reilly from the Big 12 Conference (multiple Bowl Games) and John Downing (4 National Championship Games) from the GNAC DII Conference will be instructing! Remember the instructional program is designed for all flanks and Back Judges to attend this meeting and get attendance credit!  The quality of work you provide to your crew each week is dependent on you developing as an individual and as a crew member.  See you at the clinic! 

Good Video - Matt Sumstine in Hawaii has created a very good video on “Momentum” on youtube.  We’ve evaluated it and think it is very accurate and helpful.  Pay special attention to the “When in Question” philosophy statements. It is 5:20 in length. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYOTc5Qgz7U 

Have a Plan for Communicating with Coaches – NFL referee Carl Cheffers teaches that we must plan for and practice our communication style and specific language with coaches.  How will you handle the experienced coach vs the new head coach?  Or is this new head coach an experienced head coach from another area?  Plan ahead.  I just met coach Burt, the new coach at Fallbrook.  He is a very experienced head coach from Temescal Valley in the Inland Empire.  You should plan to approach him with great respect.  Any inkling of being condescending would be a huge insult. Google “football coach Robert Burt”.  Lesson: Don’t have assumptions about coaches before the game…

August 17 2016
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