Weekly Bull 8/31/16


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THE WEEKLY BULL – August 31, 2016 

This Week’s MeetingsFinal meeting before the rules test for certified officials.  Rules study and plenty of video review!

Improvement Week #1 To Week #2 – I’ve said this before, the improvement in our performance between week #1 and week #2 is the largest that will see all season, and I’m talking about officials, players, coaches, and game administrators.  Week #1 is our first test.  Week #2 we step up.  Work hard this week!

Inadvertent Whistles – There is an example in our Instructional Video this week. I’ve had two in my career.  We’ve all had one, so let’s not shame our fellow official.  Let’s learn from it! We must see the ball in possession and player down or progress stopped BEFORE we blow our whistles.  Late whistles are still good whistles.  Be slow. 

Game Ball – There will be no requirement to use a particular ball when we reach the playoffs.  No contract signed with CIF this year.  There will be again in the following year 2017 season. 

Visitors at Games – If you are visiting a game and observing a crew do not follow the chain crew and head linesman through the team box. Stay out of any team box area and do not communicate with coaches or game administrators.  Please observe the game from the stands, or if allowed on the field, from the sideline outside the team box and outside of the white restricted area or dashed restraining line. If you want to change ends of the field walk around the team box. 

Uniforms – Jerseys continue to ride up and reveal the shoulder pads and pants continue to rise up over the knees. They are legal as they do fully cover should pads and knees when pulled down.  The players are responsible for keeping their uniform legal and officials are responsible for alerting the players that their jerseys need to be pulled down.  And cover those back pads, please!

Adornment – Towels that are min 4 inches by max 18 inches and a single color for the team are legal.  No tinted eye shields (but can wear dark glasses underneath).  No bicep, neck, or leg bands. No jewelry or war painting of the face.  Shoes/ankles taped to prevent injury (spats) allowed. 

Time Outs, Quarter Changes, and Period Between PAT and Kickoff – We are doing better with our tempo here. I’ve timed two games and found these periods to be barely over 1:00 in length.  The standard is one minute from the end of the signal for time out, end of quarter, or successful/or not PAT to the ready-for-play signal.  Flanks, it all rests on your work to get your teams out.  Be active and assertive.

Line Judge – You are responsible for the forward stake and the dead ball spot relative to a first down.  If it is close to the front stake, give accurate, generous spot and declare it a first down.  Or if accurate, make it clearly short.  Line Judge must look across and determine if it is the next down or a first down.  Be vocal with the referee and crew.  Be loud and signal appropriately (next down or hand across chest pointing first down) If you need more time to make a decision yell out “close, close, close.”  Then decide.  A measurement is always an option, but not our first option! 

Sidelines – Assistant coaches and/or head coaches may not go out on the field to call plays.  They may come to the sideline and call plays but I saw one coach going out to the numbers to call the play.  Once you allow that to start it is hard to get him back.  Interrupt play if you must to get an agreement.  If you don’t you look weak and set up your fellow official the next week.

Umpires – Spin/turn on all passes.  You can provide excellent support.  Leave the linemen to the referee.

Referees – Give quick preliminary signals on all fouls (final signal if LOS foul). I see referees getting into discussions with crew members and the fans don’t have a clue what’s going on.  After preliminary and instructions to umpire, turn and jog to the exact location you will be standing at the start of the next play.  Then give final signal and wind or hack.

Umpires – You spot the ball 99% of the time.  Flanks get involved in relaying the ball to the umpire.  Referee should not spot the ball.  Referees stay back.

Back Judges – Penalty assessed on kick off.  Do not march off penalty.  Do not signal penalty and then march it off. Go directly to the spot where the ball is to be kicked.  Put the ball on the ground. Signal foul from this location.  Hand ball to the kicker (don’t toss it).

Halftime and Post-Game Debrief – Follow a template or you will immediately fall into the old discussion of favorite/hot topic plays. Stick with the list!

o          Chain Crew

o          Timer

o          Head Coaches and Sidelines

o          Tempo

o          Foul Report - Mechanics, Communication, Rules, Philosophy

o          Interesting Plays & Players (play makers, on-the-edge, warnings, what haven’t we seen yet?

o          Review Game Goals

Logging Fouls – I observed one crew do the above list at halftime, including the list of fouls.  It was a remarkably strong halftime review and analysis. Without the list of fouls their halftime debrief would have been 50% less effective.  Integrate the listing of fouls into your crew’s routine.

Game Fees

Varsity Referee - $77

Varsity all others - $75

JV & Frosh Referee - $65

JV & Frosh all others - $64 

Lightening - From the NFHS Rule Book – From the back of the Rule Book – Include game administration in any decision making:

  1. When thunder is heard, or a cloud-to-ground lightning strike is seen, the thunderstorm is close enough to strike your location with lightning.  Suspend play and take shelter immediately.

  2. Thirty minute rule.  Once play has been suspended, wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or flash of lightning is witnessed prior to resuming play.

  3. Any subsequent thunder or lightning after the beginning of the 30 minute count, reset the clock and another 30 minute count should begin.

California State Mercy Rule - At the conclusion of the third quarter or any point thereafter, if there is a point differential of 35 or more points, a running clock shall be instituted for the remainder of the game regardless of the score.  The game clock shall stop only for a score, a free kick following a fair catch or awarded fair catch, a charged team timeout, a coach-referee conference or an official’s timeout.  This bylaw applies to all levels of play.

Overtime Rules – Review these rules each week! We’re posting it up on our website at www.sdcfoa.org.

Locker Rooms – Reminder, leave them better than when you arrived.  We are visitors and the PE teachers appreciate it if we keep it clean.  Do not use any items in the locker room for you own purposes.  If there is food or water items in the offices, they are not for your use.  Have a crew member responsible for hydration!

August 31 2016
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