Weekly Bull 7/7/10


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2010 North-South San Diego

County All-Star Game

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kick-off at 7:30 pm

Mesa College

Referee – Robin House

Umpire – Brad Cowan

Head Linesman – Mark Reyes

Line Judge – Mike Kingsley

Field Judge – Terry Bernard

Side Judge – Ted Schiess

Back Judge – Kevin Rathbun

Tonight’s Agenda

  1. Introduction of Special Guests

  2. Guest Speaker

  3. Introduction of Board members

  4. Introduction of new Crew Chiefs

  5. Announcements:

    • Executive Secretary - vote on proposed constitutional change

    • Assignment Secretaries

    • Treasurer

    • Instructional Chair

    • Banquet Chair

    • Recruiting Committee - Intro of New 1st Year Members

  6. Awarding of patches to new regulars

  7. Adjourn to Classrooms

    • Registration and Packet Contents

    • Signing of Waivers

    • New Rules and Program Highlights

Football Officials Fees – 2010

Varsity Referee = $70.00

Varsity Other Officials = $68.00

All Levels Below Varsity = $58.00

2010- New Rules:

See inside cover of 2010 Rule Book and New Rules Handout

2010- New Mechanics: – (Manuals are available for download on-line at www.sdcfoa.org)

  1. During coin toss, HL and LJ stay at their sidelines or near their team’s end zone. In this way they can supervise their teams in either the team box or the team’s end zone. Only captains may enter the field area during the toss.


  1. Continue Weekly Bulletin for officials, coaches and ADs

  2. Expanded use of DSV video software

  3. Health and fitness of officials

  4. Concussion recognition

  5. Escorting teams on and off the field to avoid the mixing of teams

  6. Pre-game warm ups conducted on team’s own side of field

  7. Increase focus on illegal cuts by offense and/or defense

  8. Strictly enforce rules related to any “trick plays” or plays that use substitutions as a means to deceive

  9. Expand game observer program

Conflicts of Interest

As you know, our assignor does not officiate games, thus avoiding conflicts of interest in assigning and responding to feedback and concerns of coaches.  The instructional chair does not assign, thus avoiding any conflict of interest between his job of instructing and the assignor’s job of assigning.  Here are some possible conflicts of interest to consider when deciding if you might have one and need to block yourself from working a particular school:

  1. Your alma mater – Don’t work games at your high school if you’ve graduated within the last five years. If you’ve still got ties to the school, were a noted athlete, or still good friends with members of the coaching staff, 10 years or longer would apply.

  2. Family connections – Don’t work games at a school if you have a family connection to it.

  3. Business ties – If you are employed by a school, don’t officiate the school’s games. Be careful of bosses whose kids play for a particular school as angry bosses may hold grudges.

Pregame Speech:

  • Home team first

  • Referee and Umpire

  • Introductions – My name is (your name) and I’ll be your referee tonight.

  • Everyone legally equipped?

  • Any unusual plays or formations?

  • My watch/the game clock has the correct time; we will come for the captains in 15 minutes.

  • Is this a homecoming?

  • Will you be going in before kickoff?

  • Where will you go at halftime?

  • As you know we will expect good sportsmanship tonight.

  • Can we see your game ball, please?

  • Good luck, coach

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