Weekly Bull 7/28/10


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The Weekly Bull – 7/28/10


  1. Sign In Sheet & New Enrollment as Needed

  2. Announcements & Food for Thought 7:00 – 7:30

  3. Instructional Video 7:30 – 8:00

  4. Mechanics Exam 8:00 – 8:30

  5. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Where are these guys? Are they on your crew? They have not attended either of the first two meetings and I still have their kits:
















Williams, D



  1. How is your equipment? – Don’t wait to get it out and discover damaged stuff! And don’t forget to donate to the first year officials. Vendors have been at every meeting so far.  Take advantage of this.

  2. Missing a bull, or looking for the meeting schedule, or needing a copy of the mechanics manual??? It’s all on the web! sdcfoa.org

  3. The board, on an annual basis, elects all officers of the board. Any member who is interested in the positions of executive secretary, treasurer, assignment secretary, or instructional chair need to communicate this in writing to our current executive secretary, Dick Brockett by October 7th.

  4. Are you studying on your own or in a group? If not, you will not be as prepared as you should/could be.  The instructional program for the SDCFOA is built upon the meetings PLUS independent study!

  5. Whistles – “See the ball before you kill it.” SDCFOA Mechanics Manual page 2. It doesn’t say we won’t kill it.  Our mechanics is to …see the ball, in possession, and down (or progress stopped) before blowing your whistle.  Please don’t miscommunicate to coaches that we don’t blow whistles.  Please use the language provided above.  There is also a natural increase in the use of the whistle from the NFL down to youth football. Adjust to the level of football that you are assigned.

  6. Special Referee Clinic for all up-and-coming referees and or youth football referees. The presenter will be Steve Coover and special guest.  You won’t want to miss this presentation on the referee position, its mechanics, what we expect from youth football referees and a review of penalty administration. Next Wednesday August 4th at 7:00pm Room 402.

  7. Association Membership Cards – Just a reminder, this card is NOT a guarantee to be admitted to a preseason or league contest for free. Most of the times it will be accepted as a courtesy….but not always.  DO NOT get an attitude if you pass is not accepted, just be prepared to pay OR get to the game early and enter with the officials as the enter the stadium 30 minutes before KO

  8. When a 1st or 2nd year official is visiting a crew, please treat them with respect. I’ve heard stories of crew members saying, “Hey rookie, your job is to get us cokes at halftime.”  Please don’t do this.

Food For Thought:

Signals – Send the Right Message – Taken for Jon Bible (Referee Magazine)

  1. Set yourself before you start to signal

    1. move away from players and sidelines

    2. never signal while you’re moving

    3. feet the width of your body

    4. head up and focus on press box with eyes

  2. It is optional that you talk as you signal

    1. Some do this because they do it on some Saturdays

    2. Some do it because it helps to keep the cadence slow and constant

    3. Some do it because it helps insure that we report the number of the offender

    4. Some don’t talk as they signal in Pop Warner or high school.

  3. Controlled, fluid, easy (but firm), cruise control motions are preferable to ones that suggest the you’re appear angry or over-zealous.

    1. Practice in a mirror

    2. Practice with another official

    3. In the NFL, referees practice with the umpires

    4. Don’t hurry

    5. Don’t move until you finish!

  4. Emulate an NFL or NCAA official, or pick a favorite crew chief from SDCFOA.

When do you need to signal?  This is taken from our mechanics manual:

REFEREE will give a preliminary signal to the press box, then explain options. After

stepping off or signaling declination, give signal to chains side. Then signal to press

box sideline. If fouls are announced by the stadium announcer, it’s not necessary to

signal both sides.

Remember, there is no preliminary signal if there is no need to explain the options (ie. False Start).  You simply move to your new position from which you will next hack or wind, and then give your signals.  Hopefully the stadium announcer is with you and you can signal the press box, turn to see that your officials are ready, and then hack/or wind.

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