Weekly Bull 9/1/10

San Diego County Football Officials Association Memo

To:        Crew Chiefs, Head Coaches, and Athletic Directors

CC:       SDCFOA Instructors & Staff

From:    Steve Coover, Instructional Chair SDCFOA

Date:    9/1/10

Re:       Weekly Bulletin #1

Quit Sending Me These Bulletins!

I have tried to make sure that all the right people are getting this Weekly Bulletin.  If your head coach or athletic director did not receive this email, please respond to this email and provide the name and email address of those who are missing.  Conversely, if you need to be taken off this email list, just respond to this email and I will immediately remove your name and address.

Concussion-Like Symptoms

Reminder, if an official observes concussion-like symptoms, the official is required by rule to remove the player.  In California, the State CIF Office has further ruled that the athlete removed from the game for concussion-like symptoms may not re-enter the game.  That player is done for the game.   This CA state ruling came down after the coach’s clinic with the Grossmont schools so this may be new and important information for them.  All other conferences have been notified of this CA ruling.  Our crews have been trained on concussion-like symptoms and the head referee will be in charge of the conversation of the crew regarding any observations regarding this new rule.

Meanwhile, at the scrimmages, two cases of concussions were reported and neither was observed ON THE FIELD!  Both cases were determined on the sideline by the athlete and the school’s trainers.  Again, there were no observable signs on the field, we heard about it afterwards.


We are, again, taking the opportunity in the early season to communicate with coaches and players any illegal adornment issues.  Some of the common problems are jewelry or bracelets including LiveStrong rubber braclets, and wristbands not worn at the wrist (may not be worn at the elbows, calves, knees etc.  Also, towels must be white and have no markings.  Towel width must be between 4” and 18”.  Towel length must be between 12” and 18”.  Obviously streamers are adornment, as are belts that are worn like streamers.  Tail pads must not have any messages and must be worn either under the jersey or be padded like any other hard surface.  I will include this item in next week’s Bulletin to continue with rulings and examples.

One last example: Ankles may be taped to protect or prevent injuries.  If the tape is colored and resembles “spats” they are still there to protect/prevent injury so they are not considered adornment.  Cloth “spats like the ones pictured below are adornment unless all members of the team are wearing them (at which point they become part of the regular uniform).

Coin Toss

Reminder that teams must be either in their end zone or team box for the coin toss.  Only up to 4 captains allowed on the field for the toss.

Warm Up Area

The entire team must be on their side of the 50 yard line for warm ups.  That restriction begins when the opposing team enters the field for warm ups.

Exiting the Field

Officials are to supervise teams as the exit or enter the field from the same gate.  Any unsportsmanlike conduct between teams can earn a penalty.  Hopefully our helping to escort the teams will prevent any potential misbehavior.

Restricted Area

There are now two different fouls that may be called regarding the restricted area:

The first is a foul for being in the restricted area while the ball is live.  This is the same as last year.  In this case, when a player or coach is in the restricted area during a live ball, a flag is thrown and a sideline warning is given.  Another violation will result in a 5 yard penalty.  The 3rd violation will result in a 15 yard penalty.  Since the head coach is responsible for the team box, the fouls are all charged to the head coach…as a result , the 4th violation will be another 15 yard penalty and the head coach is ejected.

The second is a new foul for unintentional contact between a nonplayer and an official in the restricted area while the ball is live.  This foul is not related to or linked to the foul of just being in the restricted area….they are separate and never coupled with one another.  This foul is an automatic 15 yard penalty on the first occurrence, and the second offense is 15 yards and disqualification of the head coach.  Again, do not couple this foul with the fouls for just being in the restricted area!

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