Weekly Bull 7/8/09


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2009 North-South San Diego County All-Star Game

Date:   Friday, July 10, 2009

Time:   Kick-off at 7:30 pm   

Site:     Patrick Henry High School

Referee – Frank Alfano               

Umpire – Shalimar Jackson

Head Linesman – Joey Tennison  

Line Judge – Mike Forzano

Field Judge – Jimmy Muhammad 

Side Judge – Jacob Wittler

Back Judge – Dave Brown

 Tonight’s Agenda

  1. Introduction of Board members

  • Brad Yosick – Recruiting

  • Intro of 2nd Year

  • Intro of New 1st Year Members

  1. Introduction of Special Guests

  2. Introduction of new Crew Chiefs

  3. Announcements:

  • Executive Secretary

  • Assignment Secretaries

  • Treasurer

Football Officials Fees – 2009

Varsity Referee = $69.00

Varsity Other Officials = $67.00

JV All Officials = $57.00

Frosh All Officials = $50.00 

  • Instructional Chair

  • Banquet Chair – Coins!

  1. Awarding of patches to new regulars

  2. Adjourn to Classrooms

  • Registration

  • New Rules and Program Highlights 

2009- New Rules: (See inside cover of 2009 Rule Book) 

2009- New Mechanics: – (New Manuals are available for download on-line at www.sdcfoa.org)

  1. 5 Man - Field goals and PAT’s – The flank (HL or LJ) that is facing the back of R will go under with the BJ. This will require pre-game and in-game emphasis by the referee. Also, HL will need to instruct chain crew.  R widen out.

  2. 5 Man – On measurements, the BJ will no longer be at the box but will provide the foot at the appropriate yardline and perpendicular to the ball so the HL knows where to place the clip.

  3. Youth Level Only! - Provide more than one option for sunglasses. (Sunglasses for youth level only. See attached guideline.)

  4. During coin toss, HL and LJ stay at numbers and keep teams from advancing past there. This will keep teams further apart during pregame.

  5. In preparation for the second half kick off, the HL and /or LJ will get the coaches choice as they leave the field at the end of the 1st half, or at the 5-minute courtesy call, and relay that information to the referee and crew.

  6. Widen the BJ out on scrimmage kicks (currently 5-7 yards wide to 7-12 yards wide). Also: Free kicks, BJ - change manual to reflect our mechanic.  From ‘stand between ball and kicker’ to ‘be in ready position’.

  7. 7-man: Have mechanics committee meet mid season to review any possible changes to the 7 man mechanics manual, so that the SDCFOA manual mirrors the same one being used at our local college level. Committee recommends and would choose a date somewhere in October. 


  1. Dead-ball officiate out of bounds vs. staring at the progress spot.

  2. Only after a change of possession, or following a free kick, may a spot be adjusted to a yard line. All other spots are what they are!  Be accurate!

  3. A flag for a spot foul may also be adjusted to a yard line.

  4. R must verify that all officials are ready before giving hack.

  5. R must stay in view of press box when giving hack.

  6. Verify legal ball for all free kicks.

  7. HL will verify that there is white tape at the 5-yard/mid-span mark of chains during pregame. HL will also assist referee when 5-yard penalty will be close to first down by signaling the referee whether the ball at the previous spot is behind or beyond the white tape. The down box can help determine this.

  8. BJ basic position is 20 yards deep, but can be 21-25 yards depending on the situation.

  9. Continue to emphasize that all officials should use the on-field pre-game time to prepare but must do so without huddling in the middle of the field.

  10. All officials must be using the approved SDCFOA mechanics as detailed in the mechanics manual. Any other mechanics must be approved by the Board BEFORE being used on the field,

Pregame Speech:

  • Home team first

  • Referee and Umpire

  • Introductions – My name is (your name) and I’ll be your referee tonight.

  • Everyone legally equipped?

  • Any unusual plays or formations?

  • My watch/the game clock has the correct time; we will come for the captains in 15 minutes.

  • Is this a homecoming?

  • Will you be going in before kickoff?

  • Where will you go at halftime?

  • As you know we will expect good sportsmanship tonight.

  • Can we see your game ball, please?

  • Good luck, coach

Weekly Bull 7 8 09
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