Weekly Bull 10/8/09


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The Weekly Bull – 10/8/09


  1. Attendance

  2. Primary Board Elections

  3. Announcements

  4. Food For Thought

  5. 25 Yard line Overtime Procedure

  6. Adjourn 8:30 


  1. November 19th Banquet Reminder – This is a regularly scheduled meeting and a part of the regular instructional program. Attendance counts.  You need to be there, besides you paid for your meal when you paid your dues!

  2. I need stories from this year for our annual awards at the banquet. Please email them to me at: bob@hoodpromotions.com OR give them to me in writing at our next meetings. Thanks – Bob

  3. Our Annual Golf Outing is scheduled for November 19, 2008. The tournament will be held at Coronado.  Cost is $100.  We need to have all golfers that wish to participate commit ASAP.  They should put their groups together.  If you are not part of a group we will assist in placing you in a foursome.  All levels of ability are invited.  Please contact Ed Blick or Jake Minger.

  4. Sponsorships are available for the Golf Tournament. To sponsor a "Hole" the cost is $100.  Call Jake Minger.

  5. Game Check Weekend - October 9, 10 and 11. Officials are encouraged to support "their" Fund by contributing a game check. Make checks payable to SD Youth Football Fund.  Recently we donated to the family of Joseph Rojas, the Mt. Miguel HS player killed in an auto accident. This is a great way to “give back” and support the greater football community. Thank you for your continued support. Checks should be sent to Bob Smith.

  6. All Exam & Attendance “Make-Ups” – Wednesday November 5 at 6:30 p.m. Room 401

  7. Ratings –Are you keeping up with your responsibility to rate officials. All certified (not 1st or 2nd year) are required to rate.

  8. Final board election at our next meeting 10/22. Final results will be announced at the banquet.

Food For Thought:

  1. K1’s free kick from K's 40. K2 catches the ball on R's 45.  There is no R in the immediate area where the ball is caught.  There is no first touching by K.  The ball never touches the ground.  K's ball 1st and 10 at R's 45?  Illegal touching by K?  Kick-catch interference by K?  Rule 6-1-5:   Sounds like it's R's ball.  Rule 6-5-6-a:  Sounds like it's kick-catch interfererence.

  2. Ejections, if warranted, are the purview of the referee. Crew members should discuss the foul with the referee, but should not pronounce a player "ejected."  Review situations that warrant ejection: striking, kicking, kneeing, fighting, flagrant fouls, and a second unsportsmanlike conduct foul.  Ejecting a player or coach has significant consequences and should be considered unemotionally and with a full understanding of the rules that apply.

  3. 4th and 5 at the 50. Team A jogs to their sideline, but does not cross it, and huddles near their sideline.  The R chops.  Team B assumes that A will punt and makes some personnel changes.  Team A sprints back to the ball, snaps, and runs for a 10 yard gain, catching Team B with their punt return guys on the field.  Do we let this happen?  Does the rulebook or casebook address it?

  4. Regarding the A-11 Offense, the numbering exception applies whenever A is in a scrimmage kick formation (player in position to receive the snap, > 7 yds. from the snapper) and that the snap does not necessarily have to go to that person.  The A-11 offense can have an up-back receive the snap and still benefit from the numbering exception, protection for the snapper, etc.

  5. A lines up to punt, B has guys right up on the "gunners" and they hit the gunners all the way down the field. A's punter then throws a high pass toward the gunner hoping to get a DPI call. This play was addressed several years ago in the case book.  No DPI.

  6. shot gun and pistol – no cutting due to the ball being out of the 3-yard free blocking zone so quickly that we have no evidence of this ever being a legal block.

  7. Inadvertent whistle on a scrimmage kick following a foul that is PSK – enforce as PSK from the spot of the ball at the inadvertent (which is now the end of the kick.)

San Diego County

Football Officials Association

6th Annual Golf Classic

Benefitting the SD Youth Football Fund

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coronado Municipal Golf Course

11:00 a.m. First Tee Time

Four Person Scramble

$100 per player entry fee includes golf, cart and lunch.

Entry deadline is October 30, 2008.

Contact Ed Blick or Jake Minger:

Guests and golfers of all abilities welcome!

Get your crew or fellow officials together and book a foursome!

After golf, attend the annual SDCFOA banquet at the SD Hall of Champions!

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