Weekly Bull 7/29/09


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The Weekly Bull – 7/29/09


  1. Sign In Sheet (Keep Attendance Accurate) – All new registration to Coover in room 402

  2. Announcements & Food for Thought 7:00 – 7:30

  3. Rules Study (Federation Exam Part 1 50-75) 7:30 – 8:00

  4. Mechanics Exam 8:00 – 8:30

  5. Adjourn 8:30


  1. How is your equipment? – Don’t wait to get it out and discover damaged stuff! And don’t forget to donate to the first year officials. Vendors have been at every meeting so far.  Take advantage of this.

  2. Missing a bull, or looking for the meeting schedule, or needing a copy of the mechanics manual??? It’s all on the web! sdcfoa.org

  3. The board, on an annual basis, elects all officers of the board. Any member who is interested in the positions of executive secretary, treasurer, assignment secretary, or instructional chair need to communicate this in writing to our current executive secretary, Dick Brockett by October 7th.

  4. State Championships have been scheduled. Five games on Dec. 18/19 at Home Depot Center. Our Assoc. gets to recommend 1 person per position (5 man crew) by Sept. 22st.  Last year we had 4 of our 5 nominee selected to work games.  That was 16% of the officials working the game were from San Diego.  Approximately 32% of all Southern California officials were from our association.  Great job!!

  5. Good feedback on use of video at last meeting. No time for video tonight (I don’t think) due to test, but video again at next meeting for sure.

  6. Are you studying on your own or in a group? If not, you will not be as prepared as you should/could be.  The instructional program for the SDCFOA is built upon the meetings PLUS independent study!

  7. Congratulations Recruiting Committee! Over 80 first year officials and 45 second year!  Competition for crew positions is inevitable.  Even more motivation to KNOW THE RULES and practice exemplary mechanics.

  8. Whistles – “See the ball before you kill it.” SDCFOA Mechanics Manual page 2. It doesn’t say we won’t kill it.  Our mechanics is to …see the ball, in possession, and down (or progress stopped) before blowing your whistle.  Please don’t miscommunicate to coaches that we don’t blow whistles.  Please use the language provided above.  There is also a natural increase in the use of the whistle from the NFL down to youth football. Adjust to the level of football that you are assigned.

  9. Special Referee Clinic for all up-and-coming referees and or youth football referees. The presenters will be Chris Wiggins and Brad Yosick.  You won’t want to miss this presentation on the referee position, its mechanics, what we expect from youth football referees and a review of penalty administration. Next Wednesday August 5th at 7:00pm Room 402.

  10. Sibbet’s class (2nd year class) will be meeting in room 401 on August 5th.

  11. Coming Attractions – On September 9th we will have position break out sessions featuring presentations from celebrity high school coaches who will review coaching strategies and techniques. You won’t want to miss this meeting!!

Food For Thought – From CIF State Rules Interpretation Meeting:

  1. Legal ball – review Pages 14-15 Art 1.a, f and g. Playoffs must be some type of Rawlings (rubber or leather)

  2. Review legal scrimmage kick formations (punt and field goal). Center protection!

  3. Review numbering exceptions (1st-3rd downs for both formations) and fourth down.

  4. Mandatory warm up – Officials need to be on the field at the end of halftime to determine if teams are back for warm up. Only 1 penalty possible…can’t be late for half and late for kick off.

  5. Horse collar – must be inside of shoulder pad (including neck ring) or inside of jersey (side or back of both), on runner, must be pulled down to the ground.

  6. Sideline warning – drop flag on first time, even though no penalty. 5 yard and 15 yard after that and from succeeding spot.

  7. Handling contests with thunder lightning – see or hear….must suspend and seek cover.

  8. No cutting in shotgun…interpretation is that ball has left the zone before contact is made.

  9. Too many 5 yard facemask. Should be 15 yards.

  10. Adornment issue has been cleaned up. Keep it up. Allen Iverson sleeves are adornment unless they are to protect.  We’ll have to take a look and see.  Stay tunned.

  11. Preliminary “Haka Guidelines” - We have some high schools where players perform a "haka" dance, which is a traditional dance form of the Mori of New Zealand. It had been done by Hawaii's football team for years. The CIF Commissioner and I have discussed this act and this has been proposed to be our San Diego policy: If the act is done on the field before the game, it must be done between the 45 yard line and the end line, and it may not be directed toward the opposing team or their fans. Teams violating this policy should be given a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The commissioner is looking into other section’s guidelines.

  12. Don’t forget to check the case book for * marks that indicate that that play is a new one.

  13. Someone out there has two case books. I have two rule books and can trade. Where are you.

  14. The tacky feeling FB gloves are still legal. (but NFHS is looking into it for next year)

  15. Girdle pads. Even though the pads are very thin, there are no requirements in the rule book. The thigh pads and knee pads are a different story.  They need to meet the rule book requirements.

Weekly Bull 7 29 09
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