Weekly Bull 9/9/09


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The Weekly Bull – 9/9/09


  1. Attendance/Announcements/Food For Thought: 7:00 – 7:35

  2. Presentations by Positions 7:45 – 8:30

          Referees – John Shacklett, Tom Ables, and Jim Sibbet (301)

          Umpires – Jason Texler and John Odom (306)

          Head linesman/Line Judge/ Back Judge – Jim Arnaiz, Donnie Van Hook, Steve Coover


          Adjourn 8:30


  1. From the Executive Secretary to the membership - any certified official not wanting to appear on the election ballot should let Dick Brockett know.

  2. Instructors should notify officials if they are lagging in attendance or have to make up tests not passed or taken.

  3. Makeup exams will be tonight in room 303

  4. Attendance and passing rates have been the highest ever this year. Congratulations!  Unfortunately, someone will have some need to be excused from the attendance or test requirements due to personal reasons.  You are reminded that you must make a written application to the board via the Executive Secretary no later than the February board meeting so the board can vote on the request.

Food For Thought:

  1. Halftime – No reports of difficulty here. One SD team was out of town and two defensive signal callers were injured. In an attempt to teach the signals to his new captains, he sent the entire team out for the warm up period but he stayed back with the two players.  Legal?  From the field we would have to assume the team has returned.  Using good judgment, no foul.  We can’t stay and monitor the dressing rooms.  We also can’t deny treatment to injured players if they are being attended to.  Again, good judgment: common sense.

  2. Want a DVD of your game? – Try providing a disc and a stamped self-addressed envelope – You can expect to get up to 50% of them returned and it can really help!

  3. Rule of thumb on “helping a runner” – we don’t want to make this call unless an individual picks up or throws a runner into the end zone or forward in short yardage situations. Pushing the runner from the back in a scrum is the one we want to avoid, don’t call it.

  4. Excessive celebrations – Again, don’t look for this one. Let the play/players dictate that an unsportsmanlike foul has occurred.  The player must be drawing attention to himself….summersault, other major gymnastic feats, posturing openly to the crowd, spiking the ball, holding the ball aloft as he strides into the end zone, or anything that taunts the opposing team.  Team celebrations are rarely excessive or unsportsmanlike.  Generally we get chest bumping and celebrations between teammates…this is not unsportsmanlike and not done to draw attention….unless OVERLY choreographed….Dancing with the stars stuff!!

  5. How are our coaches doing? Word is that we are doing well and that the coaches are doing better.  BUT, some times we are seeing assistant coaches handing out advice or criticism.  At that point, call time and go to the head coach.  In a calm manner explain the situation and don’t exaggerate.  Tell the HC that you have an assistant who is constantly yelling at you.  It is doing no one any good and is unsportsmanlike. “I just want you to know so that you can handle the situation.  Thank you!”  -  Now, if the head coach then proceeds to tear into you, you must realize that you initiated the conversation, so take it for now.  As the game proceeds you should be in a clear position to rule unsportsmanlike if the assistant or HC or both continue.  You’ve offered a warning. – What else did you do to maybe prevent this situation from developing?  Remember, crew chiefs debrief at each meeting. Thanks for your professional conduct.

  6. Yellow and black gloves at El Cap. Even though illegal by rule 1-5-3b, we had no problem with them and they are not a safety issue or an advantage to El Cap.  I am ruling them legal due to the fact that they have the NFHS tag and they are multi-colored. A couple players had solid yellow gloves without any black markings and these are to be ruled illegal and can’t be used.

  7. Restricted Area – For the most part, the sideline rule was in effect and the schools and coaches did an outstanding job of respecting this new rule. One question came up regarding a possible ejection of the head coach for a second unsportsmanlike foul for sideline interference.  Answer is “yes”, a coach would be ejected by rule if the sideline received:

    1. a sideline warning (no yardage)

    2. a 5 yard sideline interference penalty

    3. two more sideline interference penalties (both 15 yards and the head coach is ejected following the second unsportsmanlike.)

  8. Restricted Area (again) – Reminder, during dead ball period we are not enforcing only 3 coaches in the restricted area portion of the rule…. But make sure no ones on the field! During live ball, no one in the Restricted Area.  Please continue to be consistent.

  9. Ineligible down field who catches the pass. OPI or Illegal touch?  Ruling: Illegal touching.  5 yard penalty and loss of down enforced with the all-but-one principle. The basic spot is the previous spot (lose ball play) and the spot of the foul would be beyond the basic spot.  So, 5 yards from previous spot (if accepted) and loss of down.

  10. Penalty mechanics for the referee from the Mechanics Manual page 6. “The referee will give a preliminary signal to the press box, and then explain options. After stepping off or signaling declination, give signal to chains side. Then signal to press box sideline.  If fouls are announced by the stadium announcer, it’s not necessary to signal both sides.”

  11. Please thank the Pop Warner referees for working with the First Year Officials.  Early reports have been positive.  Remind them they are an extension of our instructional program.  Thanks,  Andy

  12. Halftime Timing and the Score Board – Please instruct the timer to put the time for halftime on the scoreboard, and then post the 3 minute warm up period. We must all do it this way so everyone knows we are providing the warm up period. That’s what is expected so we can clearly show teams when they need to be back on the field for the warm up.

  13. Let’s continue to work with coaches as they get their players to adjust back pads that hang below the waistline. These pads should be covered by the jersey.

  14. Serra High School does a hard “set” that the offensive line does. We want to be consistent so the crew chiefs will discuss tonight.

Weekly Bull 9 9 09
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