Weekly Bull 7/8/15


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2015 North-South San Diego

County All-Star Game

Saturday, July 11

Kick-off at 6:00 pm

Mesa College

Referee – Brad Yosick

Umpire – Fletcher Calvert

Head Linesman – Garrett Haislip

Line Judge – Brandon Chavez

Field Judge – Nick Williams

Side Judge – Zack Marble

Back Judge – Scott Countryman

Tonight’s Agenda

  1. Introduction of Special Guests

  2. Introduction of Board members

  3. Introduction of new Crew Chiefs

  4. Announcements:

    • Executive Secretary

    • Assignment Secretaries

    • Treasurer

    • Instructional Chair

    • Banquet Chair

    • Recruiting Committee - Intro of New 1st Year Members

  5. Awarding of patches to new regulars

  6. Adjourn to Classrooms

    • Packet Contents, Bull, New Rules & New Mechanics

2015- New Rules:

  1. SPEARING DEFINITION REVISED (2-20-1c): The definition of spearing was revised to continue the focus on minimizing risk of injury. Spearing is an act by any player who initiates

contact against an opponent at the shoulders or below with the crown (top portion) of his/her helmet.

  1. CORRECTING A DOWN NUMBER ADDED (5-1-1b NEW): The referee is granted authorization to correct the number of the next down prior to the ball becoming live after a new series of downs is awarded.

  2. FREE-KICK FORMATIONS REVISED (6-1-3; 6-1-4 NEW; 6-1 PENALTY): In a revision of the 2014 rule change regarding free-kick formations, the timing of the foul for not having at

least four players on each side of the kicker now occurs when the ball is kicked.

  1. EXCESSIVE CONTACT ADDED TO UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS (9-4-3g): With an emphasis on risk minimization, the unnecessary roughness provisions were expanded. No player or nonplayer shall make any other contact with an opponent, including a defenseless player, which is deemed unnecessary or excessive and which incites roughness.

  2. ROUGHING THE PASSER PENALTY CLARIFIED (9-4 PENALTY): An automatic first down is not awarded for a 5-yard incidental face-mask penalty against the passer.

  3. DEAD-BALL PENALTY ENFORCEMENT MODIFIED (10-2-5): The distance penalties for unsportsmanlike, nonplayer or dead-ball personal fouls committed by teams can offset.

Equal numbers of 15-yard penalties by both teams will cancel and remaining penalties may

be enforced.

2015 New Mechanics: – (Manuals are available for download on-line at www.sdcfoa.org)

  1. Revise coin-toss mechanics to get all the information from each team then signal to the press box only one time.  Example: Team B wins the toss and defers to 2nd half.  Team A takes the ball, B chooses goal to defend.  Move the captains to correct sides then move to the press box side, tap the B captain and give the appropriate signal (decline), then move to team A captain and give the receive signal.

Note added to all manuals:

Once the choices have been made by both teams, move the captains so their backs are to the goal they’re defending.  The REFEREE will indicate winning captains and choice or option deferred.  If the captain’s choice is to defer, the REFEREE will give the proper signal (signal #10) then move to the other captains and give the signal for the remaining choice.

  1. Change to allow quarter-length black socks for use in hot weather games where shorts are part of the appropriate uniform.

Pg. 2, 1i -- Hot-weather Youth Football uniform only: Black coaching/referee shorts w/belt, quarter-length black socks. The socks shall be NIKE cushion Quarter sock (DRI-FIT& Moisture MGT) Model # SX4835-00 ONLY.  Assigned Referee makes the call & all must be uniform. Shorts may not be worn on or after November 1st or for any Youth Football playoff games.

  1. Revise the 5-Man Manual to include “When In Question” Axioms


We must strive to be positive and accurate in all of our judgments, rulings and enforcements.  But on those occasions when the observed action is not clear, the following Football Officiating Axioms are to be considered and applied.


  • When in question, the action is legal.

  • When in question, the pass is incomplete.

  • When in question, the passer's arm was going forward.

  • When in question, the pass is forward, behind the neutral zone.

  • When in question, the pass is backward, beyond the neutral zone.

  • When in question, the ineligible was not downfield.

  • When in question, the runner's progress was stopped.

  • When in question, the ball is fumbled.

  • When in question, the runner is not out of bounds.

  • When in question, the forward pass is not touched.

  • When in question, the kick is not touched.

  • When in question, the ball is accidentally kicked.

  • When in question, it is not a touchdown.

  • When in question, it is a touchback.

  • When in question, the block is from the side and not a clip.

  • When in question, the block is legal rather than below the waist.

  • When in question, it is not a face mask foul.

  • When in question, the celebration was not prolonged or excessive.

  • When in question, it was a "football act" and not a disqualifying foul.

  1. Change to adopt the NCAA 7-Man Free Kick position and mechanics.  See 7-Man Mechanics Manual on the SDCFOA website.

  1. Adopt NCAA 7-Man Short Free Kick mechanics with minor positioning changes.

To clean up the progress responsibilities during a return where current mechanics call for 3 different officials having potential forward progress. Again, see 7-Man Mechanics Manual on the website. 

Food for Thought:

  1. Do you have any conflicts of interest? Here are some possible conflicts of interest to consider when deciding if you might have one and need to block yourself from working a particular school:

    1. Your alma mater – Don’t work games at your high school if you’ve graduated within the last five years. If you still have ties to the school, were a noted athlete, or still good friends with members of the coaching staff, 10 years or longer would apply.

    2. Family connections – Don’t work games at a school if you have a family connection to it.

    3. Business ties – If you are employed by a school, don’t officiate that school’s games. Also be careful of bosses whose kids play for a particular school.

  1. Coach’s Cards

    1. Coach’s Cards can be filled out and downloaded at sdcfoa.org under Educational Resources and Football Mechanics.

    2. These cards are to be presented to the head coach at the Pregame Meeting or at the sideline meeting between the flank official and his head coach.

    3. Coach’s Cards are to be provided at EVERY high school VARSITY game.

  1. Ratings – The SDCFOA uses seven criteria to evaluate our performance, individually and as a crew. They are:

    1. Pre-Game / Time Management – 5%

Prepare for your pre-game.  Contribute but don’t dominate.  Be organized, know where you’re going and how long it will take you to get there!

  1. Hustle, Uniform, Equipment and Appearance – 5%

Get in shape NOW.  Update your uniform and equipment.

  1. Rules Knowledge – 20%

Get in a study group.  Read Rule #1 then read Case Book for Rule #1.  Move on to Rule #2…or establish your own system for reading the rule book and case book.  You also have the Rules Summer Study!

  1. Rules Application and Judgement – 20%

Rules + Mechanics + Judgement = penalty or no penalty.  Next step, honestly review your work with Hudl

  1. Demeanor – 20%

Be nice….all of the time…..to everyone!  Be open to critical feedback.

  1. Mechanics – 15%

Read the Mechanics Manual each year.  Refer to it often.  Use the Mechanics Summer Study!

  1. Communication and Control – 15%

Use proper signals.  Communicate with players and coaches in a positive, calm manner.  Be a great dead ball official.

  1. REFEREE and UMPIRE confer with coaches and check game balls. Be businesslike and cordial but not overly friendly with the coaches. During the Pre-Game meeting with the coaches, the REFEREE shall confirm (but not be limited to) the following information starting with the HOME TEAM:

    1. Introductions – My name is (your name) and I’ll be your referee tonight. (Coach’s Card)

    2. Everyone legally equipped?

    3. Any unusual plays or formations?

    4. My watch/the game clock has the correct time; we will come for the captains in 15minutes.

    5. Is this a homecoming?

    6. Will you be going in before kickoff?

    7. Where will you go at halftime?

    8. As you know we will expect good sportsmanship tonight.

    9. Can we see your game ball, please?

    10. In order to hear and see a signal from the sideline for a Time Out, you may enter the field so as to alert any/all officials to stop the clock.

    11. Good luck, coach

  1. Bonus Back Judge Meeting next Wednesday, July 16th at 7:00 pm at West Hills High School. Brad Yosick will be the presenter so you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear from one of the best at the back judge position!  We will meet on the football field at West Hills High School (the blue one) at 7:00 pm for a short period of on-field demonstration before walking to the classroom for film study and Q&A.  All are invited to attend this bonus meeting! (except 1st year, 2nd year, and transfers who must meet in their regular classes)

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