Weekly Bull 10/27/15

Make Up Meeting This Wednesday 10/28 – If you need to make up a meeting or you need to take a test, please come to the make up meeting at West Hills.  I can begin to offer testing as soon at 6:30 and the Bull and Video Review will start at 7:00.  I plan to be closing up the school house by 8:00.

Meetings and Tests – Officials who have not met the requirements for meetings or tests must write a letter to the board describing why they should be considered for a one-year exemption from the requirements and be eligible for the draft.  The letter should be sent to Steve Coover who will present it to the board. 

Field Goals and Punts – Same Thing! – A team seems to be having trouble finding a snapper who can snap it far enough for a legal punt formation (10 yards) so they decide to just use a field goal formation instead of a punt formation.  LEGAL!  Both formations are considered scrimmage kick formations and all rules of punting apply to field goals.  This includes the ball going out of bounds downfield and being given to the opponent’s offense at the spot the ball went out of bounds.  Also, if the field goal (punt) is touched downfield by the receiving team and then recovered by the kicking team…1st and 10 for the kicking team (although the kicking team cannot advance) – same as a punt.  Here’s another one, if the field goal is blocked behind the line of scrimmage and the kicking team picks up the ball and runs for a first down…1st and 10 for the kicking team as either team can advance a blocked kick behind the line of scrimmage.  Last one….if the field goal kicker is lining up in the endzone, then (just like the punter) he may not leave the field of play and must stay inside the endline or back of the endzone.  OK, that’s enough!

Clock at San Marcos - The clock at San Marcos has a hiccup. It appears it has stopped then skips two seconds. The time is correct but a bit disconcerting when it happens. Just be aware that the time is correct!

Dressing Facility at Granite Hills – It’s back!  The room for the officials in the building at the north endzone has been cleaned out by the school and ready for our use.  Thank you GH! 

Playoff Schedule - 

  • November 13 - 1st Round Divisions 1-IV plus Division V Quarterfinal; 

  • November 20 - Quarterfinals Divisions Open - IV plus Division V Semifinal; 

  • November 27 - Semifinals Divisions Open - IV plus Division V final at Southwestern College; 

  • Friday December 4th - Finals - Division IV 3:30 plus Division I 7:00 at Southwestern College

  • Saturday December 5th - Finals - Division III 12 noon; Division II 3:30; Open Division 7:00 all at Southwestern College

Playoff Division VI – 8-Man Football Playoffs will be a 4-team bracket (semifinals and finals).  I did not receive the playoff bulletin for this Division so I can’t tell you the dates yet.  I will let you know as soon as I receive word.

Chains Moving – Chains should not be moving without the permission (signal) of the head linesman.  The head linesman should not move the chains unless given permission (signal) from the referee.  This is the proper procedure in our association mechanics.  Don’t let the chains move without these communication “check points”. I worked with a college crew this week who worked without the referee and the head linesman communicating each play, each first down, and following every punt.  Sure enough the head linesman moved the chains and they lost the previous spot for penalty enforcement.  Do it correctly!  Every time!

Time Outs and Delay of Game or Snap – When in question in regards to a time out being called as the play clock goes to zero, we will defer to, and grant a time out!  Same thing with a snap and a time out – when in question we will grant the time out.

Do Not Demonstrate the Fair Catch Signal – We do not want to appear to be coaching the player.  You might offer the following: “If you are going to Fair Catch the punt, give me a good signal.”  If the player appears to be unsure ask him to show you his signal.

When Do You Do a Personal Foul Signal First – When you have roughing the kicker/holder instead of running into the kicker/holder you do personal foul signal (#38) followed by roughing/running into kicker signal (#30).  You do the same for the personal foul grasping and pulling/twisting etc. the facemask.  You also do both signals for horse collar, targeting, and for unintentional contact with an official.  All other personal fouls you only provide signal #38 or the signal for the specific foul.

Knee Pads – A players knee pads must be:

  • unaltered from the manufacturer’s original design/production

  • worn over the knee

  • worn under the pants (the rule does not state that they have to be inside a pant sleeve)

  • ½ inch thick or 3/8 inch thick if made of shock absorbing material.

If you suspect something is illegal, we should let them play.  If we are certain that the equipment is illegal, then we can’t let them play.  Be certain.  Thank you.

From the Observers – Hint: If you can read the bubble screen coming your way (slot receiver starting to run back and then parallel to the LOS toward sideline) then use a “reverse goal line mechanic move and slide step into the backfield to get a better look at the pass to rule on forward or backward.  This is becoming a tough call for all officials at all levels and this tip comes courtesy of John Isham!!!

From Gene Beck and Andy Castagnola (who knows where he stole it from!) – If the head linesman is caught up with communicating with head coach and can’t walk off with umpire – umpire just turn to LJ, make eye contact and walk off with him.  Whatever you do, don’t go alone! 

Also from Observers – On passes and punts watch keys/players not the ball. We’re doing a good job with keeping coaches off the field.  This is what the opposing coaches expect.  If one side gets to walk well out on the field, then why can’t the other coach.  Keep up the good work.  CLOCK AWARENESS – check the clock 2 times during each and every dead ball period (unless hurry up then check once).

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