Weekly Bull 11/3/15

Final Weekend of the Regular Season – Some of us will end our season soon and I sincerely hope that the season has brought you some rewarding experiences and lasting memories.  Maybe you’ve even made a few new friends along the way.  The 2016 season will be here soon and we can do it all again! 

Tempo – We’ve done very well with this as a whole.  We’ve completed our dead ball responsibilities, hustled to get the ball and chains ready for play and kept the game moving with accurately timed periods leading up to kick offs and the completion of time outs.  Get the teams out! Keep the pace moving and the kids will benefit in the quality of their play.  Slowing the tempo will cause many unexpected negative consequences including poorer play and fewer opportunities for the kids.  A brisk, consistent tempo will keep the teams focused and playing their best. Always hoping for fewer fouls!

Communication – This continues to be our biggest opportunity for improvement.  I was discussing this topic with a veteran official who confided that he was terrified of coaches and didn’t want to speak to them out of fear!  Coaches on the other hand say they just want to be acknowledged and communicated with throughout the game.  We must close this gap.  As Mike Weseloh taught us this year, presence is developed.  I might say, confidence is developed.  If we master the rules and penalty enforcements, consistently practice great mechanics and hustle, and learn the schools and their coaches we can develop a positive, friendly yet professional presence.  Challenge yourself to be a GREAT COMMUNICATOR THIS FRIDAY!

Grading Fouls in College and the NFL – I now grade fouls for two college conferences and I think sharing the grading scale may reinforce an important philosophy for us.  If you get a correct call you get 7 points.  If you miss a call/foul you get 4 points.  If you make an incorrect call you get 3 points.  The lesson is that you’re better off missing a foul than guessing at a foul and getting it wrong.  I think that is what John Carroll was telling us at our first meeting of the year!

Taking a Knee - We can definitely get ourselves in trouble with this one.  We are officials and can only provide good communication at this time.  We cannot direct the teams to do anything.  What we can do is officiate the end of the game!  If a coach or team communicates they are taking a knee, then we communicate that to the defense as a courtesy.   If we know, or suspect, the defense is charging, we can communicate that to the offense out of concern for safety.  If the defense does not wish to hold up, and there is a foul, just officiate the play and penalize the foul. 

From the Observers – On behalf of Jim Sibbet, Don Carey, Gene Beck, John Isham and myself we want to thank each and every crew for welcoming us every Friday.  We had a great year and the crews were professional and genuinely interested in constructive feedback.  Without that professional attitude, our work would be meaningless.  Thank you, and as Don always says, “Good job, Get Better!”

Video is our Best Friend: Or Worst Nighmare – This has been the best year yet for the use of video in the SDCFOA.  We are getting more of our games than ever.  Crews are also getting very sophisticated in their analysis and cut ups for the week.  I promise to keep working with the coaches to get our games on a consistent basis.  This week I worked with a crew analyzing a block in the back call.  We discussed all of the elements, the whole block from start to finish, and still didn’t have consensus.  When in question, we don’t have a foul.  Only video can help us truly get to a better understanding of the action and lead us to better judgments on the field.

SD Youth Football Weekend – The results are in and we want to thank everyone who helped us in our goal to raise $5,000 for the weekend.  While we were a little short, I believe awareness was much better this year and participation was much higher, so we are very pleased with our results.  It’s never too late to contribute!! If you missed out last weekend, go to sdyouthfootballfund.org and you can still make a contribution to help our fund.

You can also participate in our golf tournament on 11/18, we still have open spots, register at sdyouthfootballfund.orgas well, either as an individual or as part of a foursome.

Crews that made contributions:

Bob Hood, $506.  Bob’s crew wins our free dinner after their game on Friday by having the highest contribution amount for a crew.

Rick Christensen, $362

Terry Bernard, $240

Dave Sibbett, $200

Mike Downing, $170

Greg Covington, $160

Mike Kingsley, $150

Brad Yosick, $125

Ed Zapolski, $120

Mike Allen, $110

Robin House, $100

Jacob Whittler, $100

Jay Drewry, $100

Ted Schiess, $50


Jim Wrightson, $202

Steve Coover, $200

Cris Camarata, $100

Mark Halby, $100

Glenn Inigo, $72

Gary Gittelson, $56

Ron Gillenberg, $20

Oscar Gastelum, $20

Brian Bortness, $20

Total $3483.

Previous contributions this year to the fund from Tom Miles, Tony Pelloni, Jake Minger, Andy Castagnola, John McDade, and Joe Magnuson added an additional $600 for the year!!

Total $4083

Thanks to everyone who helped out and those willing to make a contribution to get us to $5,000!!!  Ref on!!

CIF Championship Crews – Congratulations to the following crews who will be working semi-finals and championship games this year:

OPEN Division Championship

Saturday, December 5, 2015, 7 PM at Southwestern College  

R-Brad Yosick

U-Ed Blick

HL-Ron Gillenberg

LJ-Terry Bernard

FJ-Mitch Villalpando

SJ-Garrett Haislip

BJ-Ted Scheiss

Chain Crew-Corey Butts

Chain Crew-JJ Stavola

Chain Crew-Craig Whelihan

Cock Operator-John McDade

Division I Championship

Friday, December 4, 2015, 7 PM at Southwestern College

R-Ed Zapolski

U-Fletcher Calvert

HL-Zack Marble

LJ-Brian Bortness

FJ-Rick Christensen

SJ-Jimmy Christensen

BJ-Victor Hawthorne

Chain Crew-Shonta Simmons

Chain Crew-Ashante Boyd

Chain Crew-Brian Ferrette

Cock Operator-Tom Husseman

Division II Championship

Saturday, December 5, 2015, 3:30 PM at Southwestern College

R-Jeff Phillips

U-John Odom

HL-Greg Covington 

LJ-Jacob Wittler

FJ-Blake Morgan

SJ-Jace Carlson

BJ-Kipperr Bell

Chain Crew-Andre Coleman

Chain Crew-Christian Hight

Chain Crew-Anthony Finney

Cock Operator-Tom Miles

Division III Championship

Saturday December 5, 2015, 12 Noon at Southwestern College

R-Mike Downing

U-Bob D'Angelo

HL-Matt Starr

LJ-David Hardage

FJ-Tyler Lindsay

SJ-Joel Kurzdorfer

BJ-Kevin Rathbun

Chain Crew-Ryan Robinson

Chain Crew-David Lofton

Chain Crew-Mike Ronaghy

Cock Operator-Dan Hopwood

Division IV Championship

Friday, December 4, 2015, 3:30 PM at Southwestern College

R-Clay Reynard

U-Nathan Weiss

HL-Louie Avalos

LJ-Greg Tipton

FJ-Nick Williams

SJ-Joe Magnuson

BJ-George Conley

Chain Crew-Calvin Kelly

Chain Crew-John Young

Chain Crew-Tony Nelson

Cock Operator-Joe St. Onge


Division VI (8-man) Championship

Friday, November 20, 2015, time TBA at the site of the higher seed.

R-Dave Garza

U-Jake Minger

HL-Paul Kwiatkowski

LJ-Rob Schaerer

BJ-Brian Mills

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