Weekly Bull 7/29/15

The Weekly Bull – 7/29/15

  1. All Pop Warner Referees - All pop warner referees are invited to attend Wednesday’s Bonus Meeting at 7:00 at West Hills HS in room S8. We will be discussing preparation of 1st and 2nd year officials on Saturdays, your crew chief responsibilities, and penalty enforcements.  All are invited, especially those who would like to be considered to be a pop warner crew chief!

  2. Meeting Options for Next Week’s Meeting - Even though regular/certified officials can meet at Cathedral HS or at West Hills next week (8/5/15), I’m asking as many of the instructors as possible to come to West Hills and meet with their regular classes so as not to disrupt what we’re doing at West Hills. Generally, about 60-80 officials meet at Cathedral so that leaves a large majority of our officials at West Hills so please have coverage for your class or be at West Hills.  We will be having an Instructor’s AND Crew Chief Meeting from 6:15 to 7:00 at West Hills. 

  3. All 1st Year and 2nd Year Officials - must meet in their regular classrooms at West Hills every meeting.

  4. San Diego County Sports Officials Hall of Fame 2015 Induction Ceremony - will take place Tuesday, September 22nd at 6:00 pm.  Inductees will include football officials Frank Alfano and Ed Zapolski.  Please join us in celebrating their contributions to football officiating.  For details contact Bob Kauffman at (619) 370-1613 or email Bob at svrfx@aol.com. You may purchase tickets on the website at sandiegosportsofficialshof.com/induction-dinner.  Credit cards will be accepted on the website.

  5. Mechanics Exam – This will be a common sense exam. Along with the usual positioning questions will be questions on:

Seven Types of DPI

  1. Not playing the ball

  2. Playing through the back

  3. Grab and restrict

  4. Arm bar

  5. Cut off

  6. Hook and restrict

  7. Face guard

Three Types of OPI

  1. Creating Separation

  2. Driving Through

  3. Blocking Downfield

Five Categories of Holding

  1. Grab and restrict

  2. Hold and restrict

  3. Jerk and restrict

  4. Pull down or take down

  5. Tackle

You will also be asked about the Pre-Snap Routines – Scrimmage Plays, and Common Sense and Good Judgment Approaches To Football Officiating documents that were in this year’s instructional packet.  Good luck and I hope you all enjoy.

  1. Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Etc. – My recommendation is that you keep your officiating off of any social media and keep your social media squeaky clean. PS. What does your Arbiter picture look like?  Is it somewhat professional? It should be a clear, fairly close-up “head shot” in a shirt with collar (SDCFOA shirt!?) or shirt and tie if you want to be very professional.  Not an action photo or casual image.  Thank you!

  2. Interested in becoming an NCAA official next year? - The strong recommendation of the board is that you have been a high school official for five years (working at the high school level for 5 years) and you are rated in the top 50% of all certified officials on the Association end-of-year ratings report.  Contact Mike Weseloh or any one of our NCAA officials to get more information.  Remember, NCAA is a big step, one that you want to be ready for.  How do you get ready?  Develop and demonstrate your skill, judgment, and demeanor each snap, each series, each game (youth and high school).

  3. Your Video for This Week (you will not get a HUDL cut up from me this week) - Excessive and/or Unnecessary Contact Video from the Chair of the Rules Committee – The following link takes you to the Oregon Schools Activities Association where Brad Garrett has put together a group of plays that represent Excessive and/or Unnecessary Contact fouls.  Please ignore the introductory comments from the OSAA and focus on the plays and what foul would you report to the referee?  Is it targeting?  Spearing? Unnecessary Contact?  Excessive Contact?  Which one accurately describes the illegal action in each play?  There is some horrific mechanics on play #8 – not a clue what that crew is doing J 

You can download the video at the link below.  You should see a download button in the upper right hand corner of the video window – just click and save to your local machine.

Here is the Link:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/hbwhh3cjl1jt7xs/Unnecessary%20or%20Excessive%20Final.wmv?dl=0

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