Weekly Bull 8/15/15


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No Cost for Our Classes – There are absolutely no costs associated with registering with Grossmont Adult for our officiating classes.  Some members, including myself, received a message stating that a charge would go to our credit card.  This is NOT happening.  I’ve confirmed with the administration who have no idea why this message has gone out to some of our members.

All-Star Game – Excellent work by our crew assigned to work the all-star game last Saturday.  Under the direction of referee Brad Yosick, they worked hard to prepare themselves for this early-season game experience.  They had very few penalties as the game was relatively well played (good coaching).  Congratulations Brad, Fletcher Calvert, Garrett Haislip, Brandon Chavez, Nick Williams, Zack Marble, and Scott Countryman.  Also thank you Jim Sibbet for your work as Liaison, John McDade for excellent time keeping, and Bob Hood for your support and sandwiches and beverages!

Week #1 Video – The week #1 video will be sent out today or tomorrow with my comments attached (I hope).  Cuts from last year’s playoffs and the all-star game are featured.  Enjoy!

1st Year and 2nd Year Classes – You will meet this week as you normally do.  Do not attend the Bonus Flanks and Back Judge Meeting.  Attend your regular class with Andy Castagnola or Jim Sibbet.  The first Year class has been moved to a new room – ROOM WL 5.  This will now be your regular meeting room.

Bonus Flanks and Back Judge Meeting – This Wednesday 7/15 at 7:00 pm. We are NOT meeting in the theater…we are now meeting IN ROOM S8 – the same room that the 1st year officials meet.  Please go directly to Room S8 for the beginning of the meeting.  Although this meeting is for all flanks and back judges, all officials are welcome to attend.  Focus of this meeting will be “Pre-snap Routine and Dead Ball Officiating”.  Please bring the following outline which was provided in your packet last week:

San Diego County Football Officials Association 2015


Concentrate and focus on every play...One play at a time! 

General Start of Presnap Routine

  • Game Clock - 6:39

  • Clock status - Running or stopped?

  • Down and distance

  • Yard line of the snap - Line to gain

  • Game situation - Time and score

Preparation for Running Plays

  • Color of the offense - Color of the defense

  • Count team and signal the count

  • Offensive formation?

  • Establish the line of scrimmage for wide receiver

  • Receiver on or off the line of scrimmage?

  • Communicate with official opposite, a signal is required

  • Identify your keys

  • Clear the snap

  • Read the action of the offensive line

  • Establish Point of Attack - Rule on block at POA

  • Pick up the runner and progress

  • Loose ball?

  • Do you see leather? No! Officiate as a fumble.

Preparation for Passing Plays

  • Number of receiver? - Number of defender?

  • Action by and on receiver

  • Receiver free from foul and being fouled?

  • Receiver initiates contact? - Think OPI

  • Man - Zone - Ball

  • Contest for the ball...not the ball

  • ..Ball

  • "Show me the ball."

  • When in question...the pass is incomplete

General End of Presnap Routine

  • End zone involved?

  • Goal line or end line responsibility?

  • ..Position...Position

  • Go slow...slower...slower

  • Look for help - Scan for confirmation

  • Strong physical signals

  • Continue to officiate

  • Anticipate dead ball fouls

  • Officiate until the colors separate

  • Be a great dead ball official!

When the dead ball period ends, do it again. Do it every play!

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