Weekly Bull 7/8/20


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Here is the first Weekly Bull of the 2020 Season!  Please remember our 1st meeting is this Wednesday July 8th at 7:00pm on Zoom.  You should have received an invitation via Arbiter.  If not, email Steve Coover at cooversteve@gmail.com.

Wednesday’s Agenda

  1. Welcome and message from the president – Dave Garza

  2. Introductions: Special Guests, Board Members, Crew Chiefs, Recruiting Committee, New 1st Year Members – Dave Garza

  3. SDCFOA Youth Football Scholarship Awards – Mike Downing & Jake Minger

  4. Annual Reports:

    1. Instructional Chair – Steve Coover

    2. Executive Secretary Ed Zapolski;

    3. Treasurer Tony Sands;

    4. Assignment Secretaries Tom Ables, Bob Duggan & Brad Cowan;

    5. Banquet Chair Bob Hood

  5. Awarding of patches to new regulars – Don Carey, Ed Blick, Jimmy Christensen

  6. Preparing for the 2020 Season in the SDCFOA – Garth DeFelice, Tim Podraza and Clay Reynard Jr.

We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it; because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good.” – Vince Lombardi

Meetings Next Week July 15th 7:00 pm on Zoom

  1. Line of Scrimmage Zoom Clinic - For all Head Linesmen and Line Judges - plus anyone who is interested (but not 1st year or 2nd year officials) - Wednesday, July 15th at 7:00 pm – Zoom invitation will be sent prior to the 15th. Remember, every certified official (not 1st or 2nd year or transfer) are expected to attend the clinic for your position.  You can attend more than one and it will be considered if you come up a meeting short.  This clinic will be hosted by Jon Stabile, line of scrimmage official in the PAC12.  You are guaranteed to pick up several new tricks and strategies which will help you this season.  Steve Coover will also be on the call to answer questions or forward questions to Jon as you submit them during the meeting.

  1. All 1st Year Officials – This Zoom meeting will be hosted by your lead instructor Earl Totty. An invitation will come to you via email or Arbiter.  Also instructing in this class will be Gary Gittelson and Tom Ables.  Much of this meeting will be getting you properly registered with the Association and confirmation of your contact information.  Distribution of your instructional materials will also be discussed.

  1. All 2nd Year and Transfer Officials - This Zoom meeting is just for the 2nd year officials and any new transfer officials. An invitation will be emailed to you by your instructors: Don Carey, Ed Blick and Jimmy Christensen.  Much information will be shared regarding the instructional program for this year.

2020 - New Rules – Please read the NFHS 2020 Preseason Guide for Football.  This 16 page booklet will be a major component of your next regularly scheduled meeting with your crew on July 22nd.  You can also pick up your new rule book and case book from your instructor.

2020 New Mechanics – Please refer to the 2020 SDCFOA Mechanics Summer Study Guide.  This guide provides you with all of the new mechanics plus a 25-question study guide with answers at the end of it.  You will also receive a new SDCFOA Mechanics and Philosophies Manual when you pick up your rule book and case book from your instructor.

July 8 2020
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