Weekly Bull 9/15/20


THE WEEKLY BULL – Sept. 15, 2020 

Rules Test – Online Testing DatesThe on-line test will be available starting Friday October 2nd and must be completed by Monday October 12th.  That gives you one week plus two weekends to get this completed.  Keep studying and good luck!

Study Guides for the Rules Test – I will again attached all 175 questions to this Bull just to make sure everyone has the study guides and can prepare for the 100 question test that will be taken directly from these 175 study questions.

 Meeting Schedules – Crews should be meeting for the 3rd time this week or next.  The next Crew Chief Meeting will be Wed. Sept. 30th at 6:00 pm.  I will have new video and other content for that meeting but the emphasis should be on preparing for the rules test!

Food for Thought:

  1. Foul in End Zone - First and 10 for team A at its own three-yard line. A2 is in his end zone when he muffs a backward pass. A2 recovers and is downed in the end zone. B3 is flagged for grabbing and twisting A2's facemask. How is the penalty administered if the foul occurs after the ball is recovered but before A2 is downed?

Ruling: A loose-ball play is action from the snap until the loose ball is recovered by A2. The foul occurs after the ball is recovered so it is during the running play, thus the basic spot is the end of the run. Since the end of the run is in the end zone, the penalty is enforced from the goal line. First and 10 for team A from its 15 yard line. (2-33, 10-3, 10-5-2).

  1. Fumble Hits Pylon - Second and five at team B's 20 yard line. A1 is at team B's five-yard line when B2 charges from behind and knocks the ball from Al's hands. The ball rolls into the pylon.

Ruling: The pylon is out of bounds in team B's end zone, and the fumble was the force that caused the ball to strike the pylon. The result is a touchback (8-5-1, 8-5-3c).

  1. Muffed Punt - Fourth and 12 at team K's 30 yard line. As Kl's punt is in flight, R2 gives a valid fair catch signal. R2 muffs the kick at team R's 35 yard line and is about to catch the muffed ball there when K3 blocks R2 above the waist from the front. K5 recovers the loose ball at team R's 30 yard line.

Ruling: That is a legal play. R2 lost protection when he muffed the kick. It will be team K's ball at the spot of K5's recovery. (6-5-6b, 9-2-lc).

What is Your Weekly Routine? –Some things you can have in your weekly routine are:

  • Study of a particular rule including case book examples

  • Read the Weekly Bull and view the Instructional Video

  • Make a phone call to a crew member or crew chief

  • Review your dead ball and pre-snap routine

  • Help evaluate last week’s game video

  • Scout the next week’s teams

  • Review our philosophies and axioms

  • Work on your fitness and flexibility


Crew Chiefs in the SDCFOA play an important role in preparing their crew for each week's assignments but they are not solely responsible.  We all need to hold ourselves accountable to our readiness for our games, whether they are with a Varsity crew or other levels.  

We are responsible for the positive/respectful/cordial relationship we have with the coaches, players, fans, and fellow officials.  We are responsible fairly officiating the greatest game on earth week after week.  We are protecting the integrity of the game and represent all that officiate in the SDCFOA and beyond.  We have to prepare ourselves, not just on game day, but throughout the week.

Here are some suggestions that will help you prepare, not only for the very 1st regular season game, but for the entire season.  The suggestions are a culmination of what has worked well current and former SDCFOA officials that adopted their own weekly routines that have helped them become highly successful football officials. There are no original thoughts here, just ones that have proven to work.

Some of you may already do more.  Some of you may do less and hopefully, you might find a nugget or two from this information that you can incorporate in your pre-game preparation in the future.


  • You only get 1 chance at a 1st imp. (Coach/Players/Fans)

  • Understand that you must look/act professional at all times


  • Develop and write down your own 'weekly goals"

  • Detail your personal expectations and where you are going to focus your "improvements" for the week

  • Confirm your arrival times/locations/uiforms

  • Work some cardio/weights training into your day

  • Read section of Rule Book

  • Read Section of Mechanics Manual


  • Quiz yourself; take an on-line Quick Quiz (10 random rules questions)

  • Write down any questions that you had difficulty with.  Look them up and talk with fellow officials.

  • Work some cardio/weights training into your day

  • Read section of Rule Book

  • Read Section of Mechanics Manual


  • Is it Meeting Night, if it is, reach out to crew, fellow officials and mentors to try to spend 10-15 minutes before or after discussing rules/mechanics/philosophies

  • Work some cardio/weights training into your day

  • Read section of Rule Book

  • Read Section of Mechanics Manual


  • Thursday Freshman / JV Games

  • If you don't have a Thursday assignment;

  • Work some light cardio training into your day

  • Read section of Rule Book

  • Read Section of Mechanics Manual


  • Friday Night Lights

  • Pack bag with clean Uniform (maybe Thursday night). Use a cheat sheet!

  • Go over Penalty Signals in Rule Book

  • Arrive Early to game site

  • Review Weekly Bull


  • Review your game video, be a HUDL expert yourself

  • Sunday –

  • HUDL Expert (or Crew Chief) can break down film.

  • HUDL Expert and CC must include the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Video Review must a honest and positive, learning experience. We all make mistakes!

September 15 2020
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