Weekly Bull 10/22/08


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The Weekly Bull – 10/22/08


  1. Attendance (List to Coover)

  2. Final Board Elections

  3. Announcements

  4. Food For Thought

  5. 7-Man Mechanics – Review

  6. Mechanics Test & Rules Test (Final Make Up)

  7. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Reminder, the banquet counts for one meeting, but if you have not made 6 meetings so far, there is no way you can qualify for the draft in 2009 unless you write the Board and request an exemption. Same thing if you haven’t passed the mechanics and/or the rules tests.  The final chance to make up a meeting will be Wednesday November 5th in room 401 at 7:00.

  2. Instructors, thank you for your volunteer service this year….you are the best! Please take roll tonight and check on meeting attendance and test make up status.  Please turn in to me your list of those not meeting the requirements for being draft eligible tonight.  Again, thanks for all you do!

  3. Results of tonight’s board election will be announced at the banquet. Remember to pay your dues NEXT YEAR using the website – sdcfoa.org by downloading all forms, completing them and sending them in with your check. You can start checking the website in March.  We will be emailing a reminder notice in March. You won’t be drafted if you haven’t paid by the draft!  No exceptions! No kidding!

  4. HIGH SCHOOL UMPIRES NEEDED Pacific Baseball Umpires has openings for new and experienced baseball umpires who are interested in becoming CIF certified for the 2009 High School season. Pacific Baseball Umpires will be assigning High School games for the North County Schools. We will provide you with the latest umpiring field mechanics and classroom instruction and assist you to improve in your field mechanics and rules knowledge. Come Join Pacific Baseball Umpires and become a High School Certified Umpire.Contact us at recruiting@pacificbaseballumpires.org  or mailto:recruiting@pacificbaseballumpires.org or on our web page Pacificbaseballumpires.org.  January 2009 at 7 pm is our first classroom meeting of the year is at West View High School in room D101. 13500 Camino Del Sur, San Diego, 92129

Food For Thought:

  1. Last Friday night at Fallbrook as the game was winding down and Fallbrook was going to take a knee...they came out in a shot gun formation with the QB about 5 yds back and backs on either side of him and a back well behind him. The formation was legal but what happens if the snap goes over his head and we have a loose ball? And what do we as officials say to the teams when they are going to take a knee but they choose to be in this formation?  What is the positioning of the R

  2. Before the game, the referee asks the coach whether or not his team is legally equipped. The answer is yes.  During the 4th quarter missing tail pads are discovered and a flag is thrown during a scoring play.  The defensive team accepts the penalty and the score doesn’t count.  Is there another way to handle this situation?

  3. Recently comments were heard on local football fields: "You refs suck!"  "Ref, you suck!"  "We gotta play against the home team and you refs!"  Do any of these comments warrant a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct?  If it is a player or coach or the principal at Miguel, yes it does.  If it is a fan, no.  If the non-team member is on the sideline, you can clear the person from the sideline by asking that administration move the person…..don’t do it yourself as it will get ugly fast!  For players and assistant coaches, you have the option of addressing the issue with the head coach, but that would be early in a game that was under control.  Most times, these kinds of comments are directed at our integrity and fairness.  Clearly unsportsmanlike.

  4. K's free kick is (a) caught by airborne R who lands out of bounds, or (b) caught by R who is straddling the sideline, or (c) caught by R who has one foot on the sideline, or (d) caught by R who has one foot in the end zone, or (e) caught by R who has both feet in the end zone, or (f) caught by R at the 1 but his momentum takes him into the end zone before he starts his return.  Which ones become dead?

  5. Numbering exception. 4th and 10, A43 lines up as a tackle under the numbering exception, with A89 on the end of the line.  A89 shifts to the backfield and sets (uncovering A43), then the ball is snapped.  (a) Is this a foul? (b) Now A43 goes downfield and catches a pass.  Foul?  (c) A43 goes downfield but the pass is thrown to A89.  Foul?  (d) Same scenario, (A43 lines up at tackle, then A89 shifts to the backfield) however the numbering exception is not in use.  A43 catches a forward pass.  Foul?

  6. Umpires - become your crew's expert on the Numbering Exception!

  7. A earns a 1st down with 2 seconds left in the game. The chains are reset and the R lets A know that he is going to start the clock.  The snapper goes over the ball and A sets, awaiting the R's whistle.  Foul?  Same scenario, but with 1 second on the clock.  Is it possible for A to get a play off?

  8. Good Advice from a Great Official (Andy Castagnola) on dealing with a tough game: you usually weren't as bad as you thought you were.  (The corollary, on dealing with the game you thought you "nailed":  you probably weren't as good as you thought you were!)

  9. Throwing flags: All flags that are not spot flags should be launched high into the air, straight up. This way everyone knows a foul has been called, it isn’t thrown directly at a player which can be interpreted as the official is “pissed off”, and it also prevents hitting players with the flag.

  10. If the flag is a spot foul, throw the flag at the spot (no players around), or drop it on the appropriate yardline and indicate to the referee and umpire exactly where the foul occurred. Get the spot of the foul correct as it’s possible to missed the spot by several yards if you’re not paying attention.

  11. Spots, spots, spots. Get them accurate and be consistent. Big plays can come down to a simple mark.  We need to concentrate and be accurate with all marks and progress. 

  12. The key to a good game starts with energy. Focus and participate in pregame. Start the game well with strong, crisp mechanics and signals.  Never roll into a game with low energy expecting to get with it as the game goes on…..never works.

  13. We continue to get great comments back from coaches. They are very pleased with our communication and hustle. They are also “reasonably pleased” with our judgment calls.  We’re never going to win this war!!! BUT, we are doing a great job of practicing the axiom, “When in doubt, don’t throw.”!

  14. Whistle control. Please include in every pregame!

  15. Penalty enforcement, referees please continue to review by yourself and with your crew. Get these right!!

  16. 7-Man Mechanics – All semifinals and Finals. Crew chiefs be prepared to teach to your crew!

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