Weekly Bull 8/29/08


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The Weekly Bull – 8/29/08


  1. Sign in Sheets

  2. Registration Papers – correct info as necessary – Sign and date towards bottom – Return in envelope

  3. Announcements

  4. Food For Thought

  5. Rules Test – Passing Score will be 70 correct!

  6. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Rosters are available for you to print on the Arbiter. Look under List-Officials. Then go to Reports-Roster.  You have many options for format and software.  Please keep your information on the Arbiter current!!!!

  2. Ratings procedures for 2008…same as before:

  3. All CERTIFIED officials are required to submit evaluations. Transfer, first year and second year officials should not rate their crewmates even though the system will allow you to do so.

  4. High school crew members – Please rate the members of your crew ONLY ONCE, preferably near the end of the season. Take guidance from your crew chief as to when you submit the report.  If you work a JV-Varsity doubleheader with someone who is not on your crew, rate that official on just one game.   Please summarize the official’s performance for the whole day.

  5. Pop Warner - One rating for each official you work with each Saturday. All certified officials must submit one report per official, per day.  For example, if you work three youth games on a Saturday, rate the official on just one game.  It would be preferable to rate a five or four man game as opposed to a three man game. Again, please summarize the official’s performance.

  6. FLAG GAMES & SCRIMMAGES - If you are assigned to a flag game or a scrimmage, please do not rate the officials. Reports should be submitted for tackle games only. 

  7. Please do not submit evaluations with N/A grades only. While doing this will clear the evaluations off your system, it gives an unrealistic number of evaluations received.

  8. If you have a high school ejection, be sure to call Jim Sibbet the following Saturday or Sunday. Reporting should be by the crew-chief in crew games or the referee in non-crew games and should include:  Name or number and team of ejected individual; date, time, site and level of the game; time of ejection, (quarter and time left), and of course, the reason for the ejection.

  9. For Pop Warner ejections, call Duggan or Cowan (depending on the league) and prepare to submit a written report.

  10. In an effort to discourage the practice of arbitrarily blocking Saturday youth football games, the Board approved the following revision to the association's Assignment Policies and Procedures:

"All probationary, transfer, additional and certified officials are expected to be available to officiate youth football games.  Failure to do so may result in an official being declared ineligible to be assigned to any playoff games during the current season."  "Members not satisfactorily participating in the officiating of youth football games during the current season (excludes spring and summer leagues) may be declared ineligible to be assigned to any playoff games during the current season.  The Assignment Secretary shall prepare a list of these members and present it to the Board by November 1.  The named officials will be notified and will be required to submit a letter to the Board explaining why he or she could not satisfactorily participate in the officiating of youth football games.  The Board will then decide if the official's playoff assignment privilege should be reinstated."

Food For Thought:

  1. Everyone pick up and relays signals…especially “stop the clock.” Start the season with good habits and you will reap the benefits later.

  2. Never wear shorts for a high school game.   The only exception is for scrimmages when we are not being paid.

  3. Whistle control. Inadvertent whistles generally happen early in the season and late in the season.  Don’t let it happen.  See the ball, in possession, and down….. or don’t blow your whistle.  Don’t guess!  Don’t anticipate!

  4. Eye shields - a doctor's note does not supersede the rule regarding tinted or reflective eye shields. All eye shields must be clear and permit 100% (no tint) allowable light transmission.

  5. Adornment – get it off early…scrimmage (inform) 1st game (enforce in pre-game). Then keep enforcing.  Some things to consider:

    1. Spats – if they are to protect and injury, then they are OK (ruling from CA rules interpreter). In other words, don’t bother.

    2. Wrist bands – worn at the wrist…not skinny ones worn at the bicep. Never worn around the neck or legs.

    3. No jewelry.

    4. No Livestrong-type bracelets – could be dangerous.

    5. No words on towels or facemasks or heavily taped facemasks. All just adornment.

  6. Illegal equipment – rule of thumb – unless you know the rule and know that it is illegal, let it go and check with me the next day. Don’t guess or suspect that “it must be illegal.”  If you are not sure of the rule….don’t guess.  In other words…..KN0W THE RULES!  USE GOOD JUDGEMENT IN ENFORCING THEM.

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