Weekly Bull 9/24/08


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The Weekly Bull – 9/24/08


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  1. If you haven't been paid in two weeks after working a high school game please contact Ables.

  2. We continue to do exam make ups. Come to room 303 and get your exam done in your own classroom!  Otherwise, exam & Attendance “Make-Ups” will be Thursday November 5 at 6:30 p.m. Room 402

Food For Thought:

  1. How long do we need to stay if the bus is late? We stay and work the game….this even happens at the college level.  Our rule is to put a smile on our face, be respectful and helpful, and stay and work the full game.  The only exception would be a family/professional conflict that required you to leave…but I’ve never heard of an official who didn’t stay and work.  Thank you to Ted Schiess and the crew for the La Jolla vs Valley Center frosh game who stayed and worked a game that was delayed.  The Association earned some huge points on that one.  Thanks, guys.

  2. Coaches Cards – Please make sure you get them to the coaches, they expect and appreciate the information.

  3. From Duggan – Youth Football Conferences have asked that we clap down on unruly coaches. The following is an email sent to me by one conference, but this should be followed across the youth spectrum. 

Two weeks in to the season and the behavior of some of our coaches on the field is totally unacceptable.  In all the years that we have been involved in youth sports, we have never had 3 coaches ejected the first game of the season. We are handling those three coaches on our end, but I need you to put the word out to all the SD Officials, that SDYFCC does not want any coach to get a bye on bad behavior, I don't care if they know the coach, if they know he is an official in another sport, or if it is his brother, father, or cousin, rules are rules and bad behavior will not be tolerated. 

If the Officials hear our coaches use foul language on the field, go out onto the football field to yell plays, go out of the coach’s box we want them flagged.  We stress to the coaches that we will not condone bad behavior on the field, that they must display sportsmanship, especially in front of our young players. How can we teach these children the five core values of Leadership, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility and last but not least Sportsmanship if our coaches are allowed to misbehave on the field.

  1. This was written by Walt Anderson, Big 12 Coordinator of Officials and NFL Referee. It is one of the best pieces I have seen on this tough subject: 

When we have a runner score and he tosses the ball into the air, we feel that you have to make a judgment related to the intent of the actions of the player and also the spirit and intent of the rules.  There are few rules that can be applied without judgment, so let's be sure we understand both the letter and intent of rules.  There are numerous rules that are officiated by philosophy, spirit and intent rather than the literal language in which a rule is written.  We would not penalize a player who, in coming off the field removes his helmet 3 yards from entering the team area; while literally a violation of rule, that is not a common sense application of the intent of the rule. Unsportsmanlike actions by players is a point of emphasis this year, but there is often a fine line between spontaneous and appropriate celebration and celebration with the added intent to draw attention to oneself.  You may be asked about certain plays that have drawn public comments, and our policy is that we will not comment publicly on either our own or other plays.  We expect our officials to administer the rules fairly and consistently, but also want to apply common sense where actions clearly do not violate the spirit and intent, especially as related to allowing players to celebrate good plays with other players who participated in making that good play.  Players who come off the bench are not afforded the same latitude as those who participated in the play, and those types of demonstrations will carry the appropriate penalty.  I simply ask everyone to use some common sense when it comes to unsportsmanlike penalties for celebrations.

  1. Reminder - The referee or crew chief of the game where there was an ejection, must call Jim Sibbet, not Tom Ables. The call should be Saturday or Sunday morning at the latest.  No form is necessary.  A phone call to me is all you need to do.  Do not use the CIF Ejection Form.  We had two ejections in one game and a mass of ejections in another.  Both referees, (non-crew-chiefs) e-mailed me a filled out CIF form with multiple omissions and much unneeded information. Thanks – Sibbet

  2. Stories from another state…..I (Coover) got to visit another state with the Mount Miguel team and these are some of the things I saw:

    1. Blocking below the waist is 10 yards?

    2. Only 3 coaches in the box….what a waste of effort by the crew!

    3. Foul by the scoring team carried over to the kickoff?????

    4. BJ throws his flag at spot of foul, comes up 6 yards short and doesn’t adjust flag to spot.

  3. Other items from Crew Chiefs……

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