Weekly Bull 10/22/14


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THE WEEKLY BULL - October 22, 2014

Special Board Meeting - There will be a special Board Meeting at 5:45 in Room E6 to discuss Assignment Policy Revision, and Appointment of New Ad Hoc Committee.

Wednesday's Meeting -  All classes will be meeting this week.  It is the last meeting before the Make Up Meeting on 10?31 for those who need that, and the Banquet on November 19th.  This week's meeting agenda will be the Bull and Video Review.  Members will also be able to make up tests and check their attendance!  The regular Instructors and Crew Chief Meeting will begin at 6:15 in the regular location. 

Banquet Reminder - November 19th at the Hall of Champions.  You've already paid for this gala event so you might as well attend.  Plus it counts as a meeting!  Don't forget the golf tournament that day.  There is still a few foursomes to fill out so contact Jake Minger or Ed Blick!

Ineligibles Downfield - Ineligible players (numbers 50-79) or (players ineligible by position) are restricted from being down field at the time the ball is in flight. The neutral zone defines the line of scrimmage and, for blocking purposes on pass plays, the neutral zone is expanded two yards in the direction of the defense.  So, if the play is frozen at the time the ball is in flight, no ineligibles may be more than two yards down field.  We should not be too technical with this although a fake punt or broken play alert us to be very accurate with this call as do screen passes caught beyond the line of scrimmage.

IPad Video Review - I'm hearing of many teams beginning to use this technology on the sideline.  I remind coaches not to offer it to our officials during the game, half time or after the game.  We should politely decline the invitation to watch how we missed the foul on the last play.  It does not help our concentration.  There have not been any incidents, that I know of, but I just want to remind officials and coaches.  Plays and game film can be shared with the crew at San Diego County Football Officials.  

He's Holding!  They're Holding! - Just a reminder to all that a constant chorus of these chants really do nothing to help the game, players, officials or coaches.  I will admit it get irritating.  I encourage officials who are experiencing this from a variety of assistant coaches, point this out to the head coach and ask for his help.  Please give the head coach an opportunity to address it with his/her coaches.  Communication should be between the head coach and the flank official and the referee.  Assistant coaches who have questions, or request information for coaching purposes should communicate with.  But objections to calls, or lack of calls, should be the exclusive right of the head coach...as long as they're not on the field at the time :)

The QB Can Be a Runner or a Passer -  If the QB has not passed the ball then he is still a runner.  As a runner, any tackle on him will be consider as you would on any other back, until he throws the ball (becomes a passer).

No Huddle Offense and Game Tempo - No huddle hurry-up offenses do not / should not effect the game tempo of the officials.  We do not run around as fast as we can to get the ball and hurriedly place it on the ground so the offense can snap the ball.  Nor do we deliberately slow down so that we give the defense a chance to catch their breath and call their defensive signals.  What we should do is work a good crisp tempo.  Following the dead ball actions, we need to get the ball and relay it back to the umpire so he can properly spot the ball.  Some offensive teams run the ball to the umpire after every play which can help the umpire to spot the ball more quickly.  Then the down box must be properly moved and adjusted so that it locates the next snap and the next down.  Finally, the referee must count the offense, confirm with the umpire, check that his other 3 officials are in position and ready to officiate, then signal the umpire to step off the ball (as the umpire must protect the ball from inadvertently being snapped).  And when the umpire is in position, the referee will whistle the ball ready for play and the offense can snap the ball.  Now, all of the above action does not take that much time, so hurry up offenses should be ready to go about the same time the ball is marked ready for play.  In theory!!!!

8 Man Football Championships - We will be having 8 Man Football Championships during Week #10 Thursday 11/6, Friday 11/7, and/or Saturday 11/8.  Good luck to those who make these championship games. 

State Bowl Championship Officials - Congratulations to the following officials who have been selected to work the State Bowl Championships:

Earl Totty - Referee - Division I Regional and Open Division Championship

Mike Duggan - Flank - Division II Regional and Division II Championship

John Isham - Flank - Division II Regional and Division III Championship

Kevin Rathbun - Back Judge - Division IV Regional

Also congratulations to Fletcher Calvert, Ed Zapolski, Brad Yosick, Jason Floquet, John Downing, and Jeff Phillips who were nominated but were not selected this year.  Great officials all of you!  Congratulations!!

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