Weekly Bull 11/4/14

Playoff Schedule - 

  • November 14 - 1st Round Divisions 1-IV plus Division V Quarterfinal; 

  • November 21 - Quarterfinals Divisions Open - IV plus Division V Semifinal; 

  • November 28 - Semifinals Divisions Open - IV plus Division V final at Southwestern College; 

  • Friday December 5th - Finals - Division IV 3:30 plus Division I 7:00 at Southwestern College

  • Saturday December 6th - Finals - Division III 12 noon; Division II 3:30; Open Division 7:00 all at Southwestern College

Meetings and Tests – Officials who have not met the requirements for meetings or tests must write a letter to the board describing why they should be considered for a one-year exemption from the requirements and be eligible for the draft.  The letter should be sent to Steve Coover who will present it to the board.

Chains Moving – Chains should not be moving without the permission (signal) of the head linesman.  The head linesman should not move the chains unless given permission (signal) from the referee.  This is the proper procedure in our association mechanics.  Don’t let the chains move without these communication “check points”.

Time Outs and Delay of Game or Snap – When in question in regards to a time out being called as the play clock goes to zero, we will defer to, and grant a time out!  Same thing with a snap and a time out – when in question we will grant the time out.

Do Not Demonstrate the Fair Catch Signal – We do not want to appear to be coaching the player.  You might offer the following: “If you are going to Fair Catch the punt, give me a good signal.”  If the player appears to be unsure ask him to show you his signal.

When Do You Do a Personal Foul Signal First – When you have roughing the kicker/holder instead of running into the kicker/holder you do personal foul signal (#38) followed by roughing/running into kicker signal (#30).  You do the same for the personal foul grasping and pulling/twisting etc. the facemask.  You also do both signals for horse collar, targeting, and for unintentional contact with an official.  All other personal fouls you only provide signal #38 or the signal for the specific foul.

Knee Pads – A players knee pads must be:

  • unaltered from the manufacturer’s original design/production

  • worn over the knee

  • worn under the pants (the rule does not state that they have to be inside a pant sleeve)

  • ½ inch thick or 3/8 inch thick if made of shock absorbing material.

If you suspect something is illegal, we should let them play.  If we are certain that the equipment is illegal, then we can’t let them play.  Be certain.  Thank you.

False Start as Referee Blows Ready for Play Whistle – Remember, when we decide to mark the ball ready for play, it is ready for play…we just haven’t signaled yet.  As we begin to blow our whistle that marks the instant the ball is ready…at the beginning of the whistle.  So if the offense snaps the ball as the whistle is blowing we’re good.  If a player false starts as the whistle is blowing then we have to go with false start.

Ball on the Ground or Drop Kicked as the Kickoff – Does this count as the ball hitting the ground for the purposes of recovering an on-side kick?  The answer is NO.  Even though the ball is on the ground when kicked, the ball must still touch the ground (again) and travel 10 yards for the kicking team to recover an on-side kick.

A-B-A with Facemask Penalty on Offense before the First Change of Possession – First and 10 on the 50 yard line. The offense throws a forward pass and it is intercepted by the defense.  During the pass an offensive player grabs and twists the facemask of a defensive player at the 50 yardline.  The defense intercepts the pass and returns it to the offense’s own 10 yard line, where the defense fumbles the ball and the offense recovers it and is down there.  How would you present the options to the defense’s head coach?  Answer: “Coach, the offense will get the ball no matter what you choose to do here.  If you decline the penalty, the offense will get the ball 1st and 10 at their own 10 yard line.  If you accept the penalty, the offense will get the ball 1st and 25 at the offense’s 35 yardline.

If a Team Throws an Illegal Forward Pass That is Incomplete, When Does the Clock Start? – Because the clock stopped because of the incomplete pass (even though it was illegal) the clock will start like every other incomplete pass…on the snap.  The penalty is enforced from the end of the run (where the illegal pass was thrown from) but don’t confuse the determination of the enforcement spot with the reason the clock stopped (incomplete pass.)

Holding – “A player shall not use his hands, arms, or legs to hook. lock, clamp, grasp, encircle or hold in an effort to restrain an opponent.”  Most times a hold will be restraining or restricting the movement of the opponent.  BUT, there may be times when the holding is not significant enough so as to restrain or restrict the opponent.  This is for the judgment of the official.  Was there enough restraining or restricting of the opponent?

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