Weekly Bull 7/22/14


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Wednesday’s Agenda

  1. Sign In Sheets and Attendance

  2. Review the Weekly Bull

  3. Any Questions On New Rules And New Mechanics

  4. Review Mechanics Summer Study Exam (Test during Aug. 5th Meeting)

  5. Video Review (As time permits) 

Instructional Program Kicks Off – I hope you all got something good out of our opening session and the speech by John Carroll.  Thank you all for your recognition of his and the Oceanside HS program’s accomplishments.  I saw him at the all-star game and he again thanked us for the great evening.  He was bragging to all of the coaching legends at the game!

Three thoughts of mine from John’s speech:

  1. Our pre-snap and dead ball routine must be as complex and thorough as the coaches’ and players’ play-calling and pre-snap adjustments. Are we as prepared for the snap as they are?

  2. There are four and only four reasons to throw a flag:

    1. Safety

    2. Sportsmanship

    3. Administration (LOS fouls, procedure, delay of game, etc.)

    4. Effect on the play (at point of attack with definite advantage gained)

  3. Communication (verbal and non-verbal) are HUGE. Be approachable and professional – you will earn their trust by demonstrating your passion for the integrity and fairness of the game!

Thank you Tim Podraza, Don Carey, and all 100 officials who attended the bonus meeting last Wednesday! - I’m overwhelmed with pride at seeing 100 officials on their “off week” come to learn more about their craft.  Thank you Tim and Don for presenting so much relevant and thought provoking info on pre-snap and dead ball officiating.  The material is now posted on our website under Mechanics.

 Do you have any conflicts of interest?  Here are some possible conflicts of interest to consider when deciding if you might have one and need to block yourself from working a particular school:

  1. Your alma mater – Don’t work games at your high school if you’ve graduated within the last five years. If you still have ties to the school, were a noted athlete, or still good friends with members of the coaching staff, 10 years or longer would apply.

  2. Family connections – Don’t work games at a school if you have a family connection to it.

  3. Business ties – If you are employed by a school, don’t officiate that school’s games. Also be careful of bosses whose kids play for a particular school.

Blocks in Arbiter – Don’t forget to block the dates you cannot work.  If a game comes up on a Thursday and you’re not blocked, Tom will assign assuming you are available.  A phone call or email saying you’re not available doesn’t do well for you the next time a game comes up and it’s your turn.  Conversely, if you block a Saturday and a big game comes open, you will not show up as available for that “big assignment” if you’re blocked.  So keep your blocks honest and up-to-date!

Gently Used Equipment and Uniforms – Every year we get a chance to update our equipment and uniform.  If you have some extra equipment or uniform pieces that are still in good shape our 1st year officials would LOVE it if you’d donate to Room WL5 where they now meet. 

Coach’s Cards

  1. Coach’s Cards can be filled out and downloaded at sdcfoa.org under Educational Resources and Football Mechanics.

  2. These cards are to be presented to the head coach at the Pregame Meeting or at the sideline meeting between the flank official and his head coach.

  3. Coach’s Cards are to be provided at EVERY high school VARSITY game.

Ratings – The SDCFOA uses seven criteria to evaluate our performance, individually and as a crew. They are:

  1. Pre-Game / Time Management – 5%

Prepare for your pre-game.  Contribute but don’t dominate.  Be organized, know where you’re going and how long it will take you to get there!

  1. Hustle, Uniform, Equipment and Appearance – 5%

Get in shape NOW.  Update your uniform and equipment.

  1. Rules Knowledge – 20%

Get in a study group.  Read Rule #1 then read Case Book for Rule #1.  Move on to Rule #2…or establish your own system for reading the rule book and case book.  You also have the Rules Summer Study!

  1. Rules Application and Judgement – 20%

Rules + Mechanics + Judgement = penalty or no penalty.  Next step, honestly review your work with Hudl

  1. Demeanor – 20%

Be nice….all of the time…..to everyone!  Be open to critical feedback.

  1. Mechanics – 15%

Read the Mechanics Manual each year.  Refer to it often.  Use the Mechanics Summer Study!

  1. Communication and Control – 15%

Use proper signals.  Communicate with players and coaches in a positive, calm manner.  Be a great dead ball official.

  1. REFEREE and UMPIRE confer with coaches and check game balls. Be businesslike and cordial but not overly friendly with the coaches. During the Pre-Game meeting with the coaches, the REFEREE shall confirm (but not be limited to) the following information starting with the HOME TEAM:

    1. Introductions – My name is (your name) and I’ll be your referee tonight. (Coach’s Card)

    2. Everyone legally equipped?

    3. Any unusual plays or formations?

    4. Will you be going in before kickoff?

    5. Where will you go at halftime?

    6. As you know we will expect good sportsmanship tonight.

    7. Let’s agree on how we’re going to communicate tonight….

    8. Who is your “Get Back Coach”? In order to hear and see a signal from the sideline for a Time Out, you may enter the field so as to alert any/all officials to stop the clock.

    9. Can we see your game ball, please?

    10. My watch/the game clock has the correct time; we will come for the captains in 15minutes.

    11. Good luck, coach 

Bonus Meeting for Pop Warner and Those Interested in the Referee Position – All are invited to next week’s bonus meeting.  On Wednesday July 29th, Bob Duggan, Brad Cowan and I will present on the referee position.  If you are a current pop warner referee this meeting is design specifically for you.  If you want to be a referee you are encouraged to attend.  If you just want to join in and see what we’re presenting, by all means join us!  We will be meeting in Room S8 in the science building at 7:00 pm at West Hills.  See you there!

Next Regular Meeting Wednesday August 5th – All certified officials will take the Mechanics Qualification Test that night.  All 1st and 2nd year officials will continue to meet at West Hills HS in their regular classrooms and will not take this exam at this time. Certified officials can choose to meet either at West Hills or Cathedral HS.  The agenda will be identical at both sites – Mechanics Qualification Test and Video Study.

Weekly Bull 7 22 14
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