Weekly Bull 8/13/14

Umpire Bonus Clinic 

Sideline Consistency – Helping Teams and Coaches

Referee adjustments at varsity level 15X7 – stand

Developing crew trust – don’t talk in code

Tempo same all game – no official hurry up

Is your crew ready for measurements, TOs, PAT, FG, penalty enforcement, quarter change

Stationary for Signals


CONSISTENCY – How do we get it and keep it? Preparation, Knowledge, and Concentration 

Preseason Preparation

  • Rules study is a must, how else can you speak to a coach with confidence.

  • Learn from video – be objective and honest with yourself. Watch others who are respected.

  • Get physically fit! Are you ready for 4 quarters plus overtime? After a JV game? And it’s hot!

  • Have you set personal goals? Set crew goals?

Pregame Preparation

  • Continue to study rules during the week.

  • Equipment/uniform packed. Game site and times confirmed. Driving, traffic, and parking?

  • Prepare for the pregame and/or speak with your crew chief and fellow officials once during the week.

  • Conduct your own pregame BEFORE coming to the game so you have prepared yourself.

  • Advance your crew’s pregame each week – What have we done well? Where can we improve? What haven’t we seen yet?

Pre-Snap Preparation

  • What is your pre-snap routine? It’s different for each position…have you developed your own?  Have you borrowed one from someone else?

  • Pre-Snap begins with the previous dead ball period. Be a great dead ball official!

  • Don’t be in a hurry to chase the ball. Make sure you’ve completed your dead ball officiating.

  • Know your ball mechanics for returning the ball or obtaining a new ball when you’re ready.

  • Know the status of the clock. The crew must check the clock during each dead ball period and know how to correct any timing errors…especially at the end of half and game!

  • Observe substitutions

  • Know & think (down &distance)

  • Move to proper position for snap (based upon formation?)

  • Count offense or defense (Once? Twice?)

  • Recognize formations and strengths of formations

  • Identify your key(s) – number(s) – location in formation

  • Know team tendencies

  • Identify where the best players are in the formation

  • Look for mismatches

  • You are ready for the snap!!

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