Weekly Bull 8/6/14


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The Weekly Bull – 8/6/14


  1. Sign in and Attendance

  2. Announcements

  3. Food For Thought

  4. Film Study

  5. Mechanics Exam

  6. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Even though regular/certified officials can meet at Cathedral HS or at West Hills this week, we will be having an Instructor’s AND Crew Chief Meeting from 6:15 to 6:4 at West Hills. I’m asking as many of the instructors as possible to come to West Hills and meet with their regular classes (minus those who are choosing Cathedral) so as not to disrupt what we’re doing at West Hills.  Plus we will be covering material in the Crew Chief Meeting. I’m now choosing to combine the Instructor’s and Crew Chief Meeting and hold it from 6:15 – 6:45 as we consistently encroach on the meeting time of the 1st year and 2nd year classes.  This way if we go past 6:45 we’re not taking away from the regular class time.  You’re welcome Andy!!

  2. All 1st year and 2nd year officials must meet in their regular classrooms at West Hills every meeting.

  3. The San Diego County Sports Officials Hall of Fame 2014 Induction Ceremony will take place Tuesday, September 23rd.  Inductees will include football officials Dick Brockett, Lou Furrer and Jesse Thompson.  Please join us in celebrating their contributions to football officiating.  For details contact Lauren Smeenge at the San Diego Hall of Champions at  619 699 2309

  4. Scrimmages are two weeks away! You want to look good out there so keep up your fitness routine and update your uniform and equipment. Don’t forget your stretching routine to prevent injury.

  5. Attendance has been very good so far. Keep it up.  The assignors will be checking attendance after this meeting.  If you are not attending, you will not be given games!

  6. The Mechanics exam is a common sense exam. This year we are focusing on common sense philosophies and 5-man!  This year we have bonus questions.  You can earn extra credit points to give them a try! Good luck and I hope you all enjoy.

  7. Keep your availability current! The number of “turnbacks” reflects on your professionalism!  Update your availability, NOW!

  8. Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Etc. – My recommendation is that you keep your officiating off of any social media and keep your social media squeaky clean.

  9. Interested in becoming an NCAA official? The strong recommendation of the board is that you have been a high school official for five years (working at the high school level for 5 years) and you are rated in the top 50% of all certified officials on the Association end-of-year ratings report.  Contact Mike Weseloh or any one of our NCAA officials to get more information.  Remember, NCAA is a big step, one that you want to be ready for.  How do you get ready?  Develop and demonstrate your skill, judgment, and demeanor each snap, each series, each game (youth and high school). 

Food For Thought:

  1. Reminder, the San Diego CIF Tie Breaker is mandatory for all varsity games in San Diego County CIF (varsity level only!). There are no options.  Any varsity game for any sized division (D1 – DV) must use the 25-yardline tiebreaker when the game ends in a tie score at the end of regulation. The result will be a win or a loss.

  2. New Rule in 2013 Becomes New Rule in 1014 – Please review rule 1-6-1 & 2 on page 23 of the rulebook. All communication devices, included but not limited to audio recorder, Local Area Network phones, headsets, mobile phones, still photographs, digital video and internet depictions, are legal to be used with players at all times other than a time out in the middle of the field (“inside the 9-yard mark conference”) This includes the use of Hudl on Ipads or TV screens during the game or at halftime.  The San Diego Section rule that prevented us from enacting this rule last year has been repealed.

  3. New Video of Legal Tackling Techniques from Pete Carroll and the NFL – Carroll, the Seahawks’ fifth-year head coach, has been perfecting the style of tackling that he and his defensive coaches teach their players since his days at the University of Southern California (2001-09). But it was this offseason that he compiled the instructional video – Hawk Tackling – that has been sent to 14,000 high school football programs and 8,000 youth football programs across the country through the Hudl video network.  Tackling of runners, which Pete’s video deals with, is not as problematic as Targeting, but is still a welcomed addition to the continuing emphasis on safety. Certainly these same techniques used on a runner could be utilized when hitting and avoiding targeting.


  1. Targeting Video from the Chair of the Rules Committee – The following link takes you to the Oregon Schools Activities Association where Brad Garrett has put together a group of plays that represent Targeting and some examples of legal blocking and tackling. Please do not get hung up on the difference between Targeting and Flagrant Targeting yet.  We are concentrating on identifying targeting in general.  You can download the video from our Central Hub on Arbiter at the link below.  You should see a download button directly below the video window – just click and save to your local machine.

Here is the link:  http://osaa.arbitersports.com/front/105752/Video/player/2802/4744

  1. Coover’s Instructional Video used on July 23rd has been rebuilt and is available again. I’ve added some plays and comments.  Give it another look!

  2. Video of Individuals – When I select a play from a game that I believe will help our officiating, it is discomforting to hear disrespectful comments about the individual caught on video. All of these officials are great officials who may have worked a bad play.  Let’s keep this a wholesome and productive discussion of the mechanics, rules and judgments needed by our teams each week.  Be kind to your fellow officials.  Thank you!

  3. Touchdown or Out of Bounds at the Pylon – Please review rule 2-26-3. The college rule was inadvertently shared at the Bonus Meeting.  Let’s be clear.  Runner’s foot touching inbounds, he gets the goal line extended.  Runner’s foot not touching inbounds (airborne) they do not get the goal line extended.  Please review in class!

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