Weekly Bull 8/26/12

Scrimmages Part I – Getting us all together, as usual was Tom Ables!  Thank you, Tom, for your last second efforts to get the officials to the scrimmage whose time had changed, and to the scrimmage that we didn’t know about.  You work miracles…thank you!

Important Phone Numbers:

Tom Ables – Assignor 

Steve Coover – Complaints & Rules

Jim Sibbet – Appeal of Ejections – (cell)

Scrimmages Part II – After reviewing video from the scrimmages, we are rusty.  But that is what scrimmages are for!  A special thanks to the schools that have shared video via Hudl.  I have completed cut ups from four of the scrimmages and will use them with our officials this week.  This is an incredible tool for us and we can’t thank the schools and coaches enough!  Our crews are also cutting up video to go over their individual work on Friday night.  We are going to be more prepared for the first game than our Association has ever been.  We are ready to go “live” this Friday!

Helmets – Seems this is going to go smoothly as all seem to be quite aware of the new rule.  Officials, coaches and players were all on the same page.  I did see one LB in the televised game between Rancho Santa Margarita and Brophy Prep try to get his helmet back on quickly so he could stay in the game.  The Head Linesman was alert and the player went out for his required play without incident.  Only one helmet came off in the scrimmage I attended.

Overtime – Just in case you haven’t heard, the CIF San Diego Section Board of Managers has ruled that all varsity games, will be played off using the 25-yardline overtime procedure from the NCAA if the score is tied at the end of regulation time.  There is no discussion or debate.  The officials will give a three minute break to the teams before meeting with the head coaches from each team to go over the rules of overtime.  Then the captains will come out for the coin toss to determine who will go on offense first.  The choice will then alternate if the score remains tied after each team has had a chance to score.  I’ve attached the NCAA Extra Period rules for you.

JV and Freshman Coaches – Do they know the new rules for 2012?  The major ones are the helmet rule, the new rule restricting the kicking team from blocking until they are eligible to touch the ball (ie. Gone 10 yards and hit the ground), and the QB or other players must wear their playcards on their wrists (not on their belts).

Pre-Season Games – These games can be some of the most competitive and emotional.  Especially week #1.  Every team is undefeated and has worked hard to get ready for this night.  Our officials have also been preparing for this night by meeting consistently since July 11th, working through Summer Study Exams, taking qualification exams on rules and mechanics, watching more video than ever before, and getting ready physically.  So, this week we go out there and give it our best, to this great game of football.  Good luck to all teams and crews!

Bull 8 26 12
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