Weekly Bull 10/24/12


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The Weekly Bull – 10/24/12


  1. Sign In and Attendance

  2. Final Board Elections

  3. Announcements

  4. Food For Thought

  5. Video

  6. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Reminder, the banquet (Nov. 7th) counts for one meeting, but if you have not made 6 meetings (including tonight), there is no way you can qualify for the draft in 2010 unless you write the Board and request an exemption. Same thing if you haven’t passed the mechanics and/or the rules tests.  If you’ve only attended 6 meetings, you must attend the make up a meeting on Wednesday October 31st in room B1 (toward the front of the school) starting at 6:30 and the banquet.  Make up tests will be given tonight and on Oct. 31stEach instructor has an accurate listing of attendance and test scores.

  2. Results of tonight’s board election will be announced at the banquet (Nov. 7th). Remember to pay your dues NEXT YEAR using the website – sdcfoa.org. You can start checking the website in March.  We will be emailing a reminder notice in March. You won’t be drafted if you haven’t paid by the due date that will be in the notice!  No exceptions!

  3. Your Banquet (Nov. 7th) needs raffle prizes and stories to honor our fellow officials! Bring them both to Bob Hood via email or in person!

  4. Instructors, thank you for your service this year….you are the best! Our instructional program is hailed as one of the best in the nation and you are the backbone of that program.  Again, thanks for all you do!

Food For Thought:

  1. Five SDCFOA Officials Selected to Work the State Championships! Congratulations to John Isham, Chirs Wiggins, Kevin Rathbun, Jason Floquet, and John Downing who have been selected to work the State of California Championship Bowl Games in December.  All five will be working the Regional Championships somewhere in Southern California, and John Isham, Chris Wiggins and Kevin Rathbun will be working a regional and a final game at the Home Depot Center.  The San Diego County Football Officials Association has now had 25 officials selected to work the games in seven years.

  2. Silence can’t be misunderstood! - We received a complaint about a response from an official that a foul was not called because the score was too one-sided. We are not officiating the score, so comments regarding calling/not calling fouls based upon the score cannot be defended.  If you see action and it is not a foul, then report that “I saw the action and in my judgment it was not a foul.”  Refrain from any explanation that involves the score.

  3. 7-Man Mechanics Meeting – Wednesday, November 14th at West Hills HS in Room S8 (where the 1st year class meets). This meeting is required for all officials who are assigned a semi-final or finals game.

  4. Field Goal Attempt is Short – Remember, a field goal is a scrimmage kick, just like a punt. If the FG attempt breaks the plane of the goal line, it is a touch back…1st and 10 at the 20.  If the ball goes out of bounds at say the 3 yardline, it is the defense’s ball 1st and 10 at the 3! (just like a punt).  If the ball is bouncing on the ground well short of the goal line, then it is treated just like a punt….live ball eligible to be advanced by the defense, or downed by the kicking team, or if accidentally touched by the receiving team, eligible to be recovered by the kicking team (again, just like a punt that’s live and bouncing around).

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