Weekly Bull 7/25/12


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The Weekly Bull – 7/25/12


  1. Attendance (if you’re not on the sign in sheet you are not registered with GUHSD Adult Ed

  2. Bull – Announcements and Food For Thought 7:00 – 7:15

  3. Pre-game in Crew Format 7:15 – 8:15

  4. Video 8:15 – 8:45

  5. Adjourn 8:45


  1. All certified officials can attend the August 8th meeting, and take the Mechanics Exam, at either of two locations – West Hills High School or Cathedral Catholic High School. There will be the same video study at both locations so you choose the site that is most convenient to you.

  2. All 1st and 2nd year officials will meet every meeting at West Hills High School. Those two classes may NOT attend the meeting at Cathedral Catholic.

  3. As stated above, August 8th is the Mechanics Qualification Exam. You can’t become certified or get drafted unless you pass this minimal qualification exam.  Print yourself a copy of the Mechanics Manual and study the responsibilities for every position.  You need to know all positions, not just the one you usually work!

  4. Remember; recycle good used uniforms and auxiliary items to the 1st year class. They will begin buying new uniforms soon

  5. Payment from Schools – Some schools pay officials weekly, some pay monthly, and some schools are even out-of-session during several weeks of the season. As a result, you may get a check within a week or two, or you may not get a check for up to a month.  Please be patient and do not call the school right away.  If you are concerned, Tom Ables is an excellent resource, and you can certainly call the school’s financial secretary, BUT PLEASE, give the schools an opportunity to process the paperwork before you call.  Thank you.

  6. Facilities for Officials – If the facilities for the officials are seriously inadequate please let Steve Coover know so he can contact the school. And by all means, leave the facilities clean and orderly (at least as clean and orderly as you found them).  Remember, we are guests and our reputation as an association can be damaged by a crew that fails to do this.

Food For Thought: Review of the Mercy Rule for High School Football Games (frosh, jv, and var)

  1. During the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters, by mutual agreement of the opposing coaches and the referee, a “running clock” may be used if the point differential between the two teams reaches 35 or more;

  2. If at the start of the 4th quarter or at any time during the fourth quarter, the point differential is 35 or more points, a running clock shall be used for the remainder of the contest;

  3. Once the “running clock” is in effect, it shall remain in effect for the balance of the contest, even if the team that is behind subsequently scores to make the deficit less than 35 points;

  4. The game clock shall be stopped for:

  • The end of a period;

  • A score (including touchdown; try; field goal; safety);

  • The free kick following a fair catch or awarded fair catch;

  • A charged team time-out;

  • A coach-referee conference;

  • An official’s time-out (injury; equipment; 1st down measurement; other, as required);

  1. Following a stoppage for any reason in #4 above, the game clock will start when the ball is next:

  • Marked ready-for-play; or

  • Legally touched on the free kick following a score, a fair catch or awarded fair catch

Weekly Bull 7 25 12
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