Weekly Bull 8/22/12


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The Weekly Bull – 8/22/12


  1. Sign In Sheet and Attendance

  2. Announcements and Food For Thought

  3. Video

  4. Adjourn 8:30 


  1. Mechanics make up tests will be offered at the rules test night. They will not be offered tonight or next meeting.  You can come to the 1st year and 2nd year class meeting nights to take a make up.

  2. Remember, DON”T arbitrarily block Saturday youth football games! The following is a part of the Association's Assignment Policies and Procedures:

"All probationary, transfer, additional and certified officials are expected to be available to officiate youth football games.  Failure to do so may result in an official being declared ineligible to be assigned to any playoff games during the current season."   The Assignment Secretary shall prepare a list of these members and present it to the Board by November 1.  The named officials will be notified and will be required to submit a letter to the Board explaining why he or she could not satisfactorily participate in the officiating of youth football games.  The Board will then decide if the official's playoff assignment privilege should be reinstated."

  1. Scrimmages – Crew Chiefs have been asked to report the names of non-attendees to Mr. Ables. He will be withholding assignments if officials have not met the requirement of attending the assigned scrimmage.

  2. Rules Study Session Tonight – We are spending time tonight and at the next meeting to review the rules of football using the Summer Study Rules Exam. Please come prepared and I hope you enjoy and benefit from meeting and discussing rules in your smaller groups.

  3. Rules Test – The Federation Rules Test will be administered on September 12th. Be ready!

  4. We have just been included in the North County Football Video Pool. As such, we will be getting video of all games worked in the three major North County Conferences by 11:00 am the next day (Saturday!)  Crew chiefs will be able to create cut ups from their game films and save them in Hudl and crew members will be able to view these cut ups as soon as they are saved.  This whole thing will begin with this week’s scrimmages!!!

Food For Thought:

  1. Playing cards worn at the wrist. Maybe they slip up the arm during the game, but the important thing is that they are NOT worn on the belt!

  2. Hurdling – a diving player who is hurdled is not hurdling a player who is contacting the ground with no part of his body except one of both feet. Legal play.

  3. Aiding the runner – we’re looking for obvious and clear examples of backs going up and grabbing the QB and pushing/pulling him forward. These plays are obvious and are designed plays.

  4. Blocking below the waist – If contact is first with hands ABOVE THE WAIST and then ends up in a continuous motion below the waist, then we will not call BBW. If the block starts with hands below the waist and then stays low and contact is below the waist…BBW!

  5. If a player jumps, controls the ball, gets pushed sideways or forward out-of-bounds by the defender we will have an incomplete pass. BUT, If a player jumps, controls the ball, gets pushed/carried backwards out-of-bounds by the defender  (and continues to control the ball) we could have progress stopped inbounds and a completed catch.  We better be winding the clock on this play and stepping up to the exact spot of forward progress to mark the spot!

  6. Helmet coming off – Only time a helmet can come off and the player remains in the game is if a foul to the helmet (ie.facemask) is the reason the helmet came off. If a player is clipped and the helmet comes off as the player strikes the ground, the player goes out for a play.  The player must be out one play….so if there is a dead ball false start….that is not a play.  If there is a PAT, then that is a play.

  7. Blocking restrictions on free kicks….remember there are two basic plays that we need to be alert for:

  • Overloading one side and having a rush of kickers blocking potential receivers as the ball is traveling the 10 yards.

  • Huddling at the ball and scrum kicking the ball directly forward as the “bee hive” of kickers rushes forward blocking potential receivers while the ball is rolling the 10 yards so the actual kicker can recover.

  1. Reminder – Overtime for all varsity games at all levels. This is not optional.

  2. Illegal shifts. Just wanting to make sure the entire offensive team sets completely for one second after breaking the huddle and before a man goes in motion.  We are not so concerned with the QB moving around as signals are being called as long as he is not simulating a snap.  Remember, QB’s may only use their voice to simulate a snap count.

  3. Uniforms – Two different scenarios….pants don’t fit properly, and pants are pulled/folded up. If folded up, warn and then penalize. If pants are worn properly yet are not covering knees, then let Coover know after the game.

  4. Reminder to please monitor the pre-game warm ups and the entering and exiting of teams into and out of the stadium. We need to be alert and can set the standard for the game with our presence during these important times.

Weekly Bull 8 22 12
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