Weekly Bull 9/17/12

Identical Numbers – Players may have identical numbers but can not participate on the field at the same time.  This came up in a freshman and a JV game.

Simulated Crowd Noise – The use of noisemakers are not allowed by the CIF San Diego Section and the officials shall intervene and request the assistance of the administration if they are being used and may cause a disadvantage/advantage in the game.  Electronic crowd noise is a noisemaker.

War Paint – It is illegal to wear eye shade (grease or no-glare strips or stickers) that is not a solid stroke or includes words, numbers, logos or other symbols with the eye shade.  No war paint!

Restricted Area – The rule states that all coaches and players shall be out of the restricted area during a live ball.  Please insist on this if the non-compliant coach is in your way.  If they are behind the line of scrimmage by 20 yards, then our focus should be on the snap.  Then, when the ball is dead, coaches can enter the restricted area as long as they get back out of the area by the time the ball is snapped.  Let’s be consistent.  And so far, we haven’t made a big deal out of the fact that the rule states that only 3 coaches can be in the restricted area….let’s be reasonable as long as they exit the restricted area when the ball is live.  And we’re talking both sides of the field…let’s be consistent for both coaches!

More on Sideline Plays – On plays that end close to, on or outside the sideline, especially in the opponent’s team area, the “off” flank official should square-in on the yard line of the dead ball spot, proceed to at least the top of the numbers, observe the dead ball action, and be prepared to cross the field to assist the covering official if needed.  Be prepared to offer a spot using cross field mechanics.

Back Judges – On the plays that end close to, on or outside the sideline, especially in the opponent’s team area, be more pro-active by closing immediately to the area of the dead ball spot even into the opponent’s bench area if you have to “dig out” a player from that territory.  As conditions permit, observe dead ball action and be prepared to assist.

Clock Awareness – We talk about it in every pre-game but found a game where the clock “got funny” just before half.  Ultimately, our fault!  All five officials have clock responsibilities on every down.  The entire crew must also be pro-active in reminding the referee the status of the clock when play is to be resumed (wind/hack).

Chains – It is the Head Linesman’s right to “kick off” a member of the chain crew if they are cheering for their team and/or combative with the visiting team.  Let’s include a reminder during their instructions of their totally neutral position as a member of the officiating crew and their need to keep their enthusiasm within themselves.

More on Chains – Please use the full 2 yards of the restricted area when you pull the chains back from the sideline.  This will help keep you and the players out of the chains when the play comes hard to the sideline.

Even More on Chains! - Head linesmen: let’s ensure that we are following SDCFOA-approved mechanics as well as good officiating practice in dealing with the chains and chain crew.  Specifically:

  1. The crew must receive an in-depth briefing from you prior to the game, stressing that the crew works for you as the linesman, duties of each member of the crew, operation of the chains and box, and emphasizing the safety aspects of the job.  Player safety and crew safety demand that you give this briefing.  Determining that the crew has “done this job before” is not an adequate briefing.

  1. We clip the back side of the nearest 5 yard stripe. 

  1. We carry the clip when we flip the chains at the end of the 1st and 3rdquarters and we personally set the chains up.  We don’t let the chain crew drag the clip or set the chains on their own.

  1. As the official who is most interested in knowing the correct down and line to gain, we should write it down at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters, before moving the chains.

Weekly Bull 9 17 12
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