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The Weekly Bull – 9/26/12


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  1. November 14th Banquet Reminder – This is a regularly scheduled meeting and a part of the regular instructional program.  Attendance counts.  You need to be there, besides you paid for your meal when you paid your dues!

  2. Bob Hood needs stories from this year for our annual awards at the banquet. Please email them to him at:  bob@hoodpromotions.com OR give them to him in writing at our next meeting.

  3. Also Bob Hood needs door prizes for the banquet. And don’t forget those crew prizes! Thanks

  4. All Exam & Attendance “Make-Ups” – Wednesday October 31st at 6:30 p.m. Room E1

  5. Ratings –Are you keeping up with your responsibility to rate officials?  All certified (not 1st or 2nd year) are required to rate.  Don’t wait until the last minute as some of our newer officials want to know how they’re doing.

  6. Primary Board election at our next meeting 10/10.  Final results will be announced at the banquet.

Food For Thought:

Thigh pads, hip pads, tailbone protectors, and knee pads – Remember, there is no rule on the thickness of the hip pads, thigh pads, and tailbone pads as long as they are unaltered from the manufacturer’s original design. Kids are wearing very thin pads but, again, the rule book does not specify a thickness. Knee pads must also be unaltered and worn over the knee and under the pants and shall be at least 1/2 “ thick or 3/8” thick if made of shock absorbing material.

Momentum Rule – When a defensive player intercepts an opponent’s forward pass; intercepts or recovers an opponent’s fumble or backward pass; or a receiver catches or recovers a scrimmage kick or free kick between his 5-yard line and the goal line, and his original momentum carries him into the end zone where the gall is declared dead in his team’s possession or it goes out of bounds in the end zone, the ball belongs to the team in possession at the spot where the pass or fumble was intercepted or recovered or the kick was caught or recovered. We’ve had two of these in two weeks and ruled incorrectly both times, once included an inadvertent whistle.  Please include in your pregame for Friday!

Overtime – We do not use overtime for JV or Frosh games.

Designated Spot of the Free Kick – A JV coach wanted the official to hand the kicker the ball and have the referee declare the ball ready-for-play.  At that point, the kicker was then going to run laterally before kicking the ball in drop-kick manner as an on-side kick.  Ruling: Illegal.  “A free kick shall be made from any point between the hash marks and on K’s free-kick line.  Once designated, the kickers must kick from that spot.”

The Chains are Always Opposite the Press Box – By rule, the chains must be positioned opposite the press box.  It appears that freshman football home teams are selecting to be opposite the press box, due to sun & heat and want the chains run on the press box side.  The rules do not allow that request to be honored.  Sorry.

Sidelines and the Restricted Area – We are doing much better in this area, overall.  I want to thank the coaches, players and officials for trying to be consistent in their enforcement.  It is much appreciated.  I do want to ask officials to not use the extreme back of the restricted area to work.  This puts us directly in the area of the chains and coaches and players.  We have a two-yard restricted area so we don’t have to be at the extreme back of the area to work….unless the play is coming right at us and we’re forced to do so.

Enforcement Question - During live ball action, we had one team flagged for a player being in the restricted area and an official having to move around the player to officiate the play.  We also had the opposite flank run into a coach in the restricted area during the play.  These two fouls do not off set!  Although they both happen during live ball action, they are both non-player fouls that are penalized as dead ball fouls.  As such they cannot off-set Rule 10-2-4.  At the end of this play the official signals sideline warning to the first team (no yardage for the 1st offense) and then goes 15 yards for sideline interference from the succeeding spot. 

Apparent Time Out – This really happened.  It appears the offense is taking a time out as they are not on the field and the coach is preparing to inform the officials of his request for a time out.  Seeing this, the defensive coaching staff and substitutes come out on the field in anticipation of the time out.  Seeing them on the field, the offensive coach want a sideline flag for the other team and during his discussion with the referee forgets to call time out and now we have a flag for delay of game!  The crew did a great job of sorting this one out and gave the 1st sideline warning to the defensive team (no yardage for 1st offense) and picked up the flag for the delay and signaled time out for the offense.  Great common sense! Play on!

Intentional Grounding – We’ve had two of these plays in two weeks so let’s discuss in our pregame this week.  In both cases the QB is under duress and he throws the ball into an area with no eligible receiver.  The referee is focused on the QB who is being tackled and has no opportunity to look at where the pass went.  It is up to the flank officials to report the information to the referee in this case.  The referee may have to throw a late flag but that is acceptable in this case.  Flanks and Back Judge, get to the referee with the info.  If there is an eligible receiver in the area, just inform the referee by pointing to the eligible receiver you are considering in the area of the pass, thus making it an incomplete pass (legal).

New Free Kick Rule – The kicker’s short free kick from the 40 goes out-of-bounds untouched at the kicker’’s 45.  Before the ball goes OOB, a kicking team member illegally blocks a receiver at the K48 (new rule for blocking before legally allowed).  What are the receiving team’s options?  (1) Result of the play – receiver’s ball at the kicker’s 45 yard line.  (2) Accept the penalty for the untouched kick out-of-bounds which means penalize the kicking team 5 yards and they re-kick.  (3) Accept the penalty for the illegal block which means penalize the kicking team 10 yards and they re-kick.  Most likely option #1 will be popular!


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  • GAME CHECK WEEKEND - OCTOBER 4, 5, AND 6, 2012   DONATE  a game fee to support your FUND.  You can make your donation on line.

  • ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT - NOVEMBER 14, 2012  Put your foursome together or sign up as a single.  The outing is held at Coronado Golf Club with the first tee time at 10:30 am.  Enjoy the friendship of your fellow SDCFOA members while supporting your CHARITY FUND.  Cost is still $110, which includes golf, cart and lunch.  Space is limited.  You can pay for your golf on line.

  • $2,500 "KICKOFF" SCHOLARSHIP - SECOND ANNUAL  Help support the SDCFOA commitment to grant this scholarship to a deserving Student/Athlete football player.  Last year we awarded two $2,500 scholarships.

In order for us to fund our continuing mission, aiding the injured youth football community, and allow our Fund to award the annual scholarships, please consider supporting the SAN DIEGO YOUTH FOOTBALL FUND.  You can donate on line (via credit card) or send a check to Bob Smith.  If you have any questions, please contact Jake Minger, Bob Smith or Ed Blick. 

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