Weekly Bull 8/31/05


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The Weekly Bull – 8/31/05


  1. Attendance

  2. Announcements

  3. Food For Thought

  4. Rules Test – Passing Score will be 80 correct!

  5. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Rosters are available for you to print on the Arbiter. Look under List-Officials. Then go to Reports-Roster.  You have many options for format and software.  We will not hand out printed rosters now or in the future.  Please keep your information on the Arbiter current!!!!

  2. Ratings are being prepared. All certified officials (not 1st and 2nd year officials) will do ratings through the Arbiter.  Specific directions will be forthcoming.  You will be rating after each game, and after three ratings, each official can check their ratings during the season.  This method has been used in other sports and has proven to be very effective for giving feedback quickly to officials so they know their ratings and can make necessary adjustments…. Or gloat accordingly!!

Food For Thought:


  1. Know down and distance.

  2. The snap is job #1.

  3. Read run/pass.

  4. If run, pick up back.

  5. If pass, pick up receivers.

  6. Get the Spot! Be accurate and work well with your opposite flank. 

  7. Officiate the dead ball period.


  1. Take your time

  2. See the whole foul

  3. If you pick it up late, don’t call it. You may have missed something beforehand.

  4. Was it at point of attack?

  5. Was it an advantage/disadvantage? (BIGGER THAN SHOOT!)

  6. Resulted in a gain of yardage (advantage)

  7. Was it a personal foul (safety) must be called!

  8. Know whether the ball is loose or in player possession (status of the ball)

  9. Know whether the ball was in the endzone or not.


  11. Continue to officiate.

  12. If you have the spot, wait to give it up to another official.

  13. Someone pick up the spot, retrieve the ball, cover the flag if it is a spot foul, while the crew member reports the foul.

  14. Get the ball back to end of run or umpire accordingly. Umpire and HL march off penalty, LJ at old spot for reference.

This all takes discipline, organization, and communication.  Work on it as a crew!!!!

Bull 8 31 05
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