1-5-4 Diagram

1-5-4 Prior to the game, the referee and umpire must visit each team. The head coach is responsible for verifying to the referee in the presence of the umpire that all of his players are legally equipped and in compliance with these rules. The umpire will examine and determine legality of any questionable player equipment.

1-5-1a(2) NOTE; 1-5-4 A crew member other than the umpire may accompany the referee to the pregame meeting with the head coaches, during which the coach verifies his team is legally equipped. Any questions regarding legality of a player's equipment shall be resolved by the umpire.

1-5-4, 1-5-5, 3-5-10e, 9-8-1h The player in PlayPic A is not wearing required equipment during a down. There is no yardage penalty, but the player must be replaced for at least one down (PlayPic B) and may not return until he is wearing the required equipment.