2-16-2e Diagram

2-16-2e, 10-2-4 It is a multiple foul when two or more live-ball fouls (other than nonplayer or unsportsmanlike) are committed during the same down by the same team at such a time that  (PlayPic A). One penalty must be declined (PlayPic B) as only one may be enforced (PlayPic C).

2-16-2e, 8-2-2, 8-2-3, 10-2-4 The opponent of the scroing team commits a live ball foul (other than unsportsmanlike conduct or a nonplayer foul) during a down in which there was no change of possession (MechaniGram A). The same team commits a live ball foul during the try (MechaniGram B). Both penalties may be enforced on the subsequent kickoff (MechaniGram C).