2-39 Diagram

2-39 It is a shift when the quarterback goes from his position in PlayPic A to his presnap position in PlayPic B. The movement of his head and/or shoulders in PlayPic B is not a shift, but would be a false start if it simulated the start of the play. After assuming the position in (B), the quarterback and the other players of A must be simultaneously stationary for at least one second before the snap or before a player goes in motion.

2-39 Whether the movement in (1) and (2) is simultaneous or is done individually, it is a shift. It is a shift whether he movement is to the line, from the line or along the line. The movement of one or more A players to a new position is a shift. it is also a shift when the offensive team moves from the huddle or a player(s) goes from an upright or hands on knees position to a down position. Following a shift, All Team A players must be simultaneously set for at least one second before the snap or before a player goes in motion.

2-39 In the MechaniGram, if A4 were to shift first and go in motion without coming to a complete stop, a shift by A6 during that motion would constitute a foul. Both must be motionless for at least one second before the ball is snapped. A4 may simply move to the backfield and stop. That would mean there are four backs instead of three and the formation would still be legal. Assuming this were first, second or third down and A3 was wearing an eligible receiver’s number, he would be eligible after A4 moves. If A3 and A4 simultaneously shifted and both stopped for a full second, that would be a legal shift.