3-1 Table Diagram

Table 3-1, 9-8-1g Responsibility for a team being back on the field for the mandatory three minute warm-up period, which begins immediately following the conclusion of the scheduled halftime intermission, rests with the head coach. An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be assessed to the head coach if the team is not back on the field prior to the start of the mandatory warm-up period. 

3-1-1 The normal 15-minute period between halves may be extended by state association approval to a maximum of 20 minutes upon proper notification at least five minutes prior to scheduled kickoff. By mutual agreement of the coaches, the halftime intermission may be reduced to a minimum of 10 minutes.

3-1-1 Immediately after the halftime intermission expires (PlayPic A), the referee must signal the timer (PlayPic B) to put 3 minutes on the clock (PlayPic C) and to immediately start the clock for the mandatory warm-up period. The head coach is responsible for his team being on the field for the mandatory warm-up at the end of the intermission.