5-3-1 Diagram

5-3-1 When a new series is gained as in MechaniGram A, the penalty for the unsportsmanlike foul is administered before the line to gain is established. In PlayPic B, the line to gain indicator and down marker indicator are then set, making it first and 10 for Team A. 

5-3-1 Team A gains a first down, but A7 commits an unsportsmanlike foul after the down in MechaniGram A. Since the foul occurred prior to the subsequent ready for play signal, the line to gain is established following penalty enforcement. it is first and 10 for team A in MechaniGram A. 

5-3-1 Following the ready for play signal on first down, No. 80 encroaches (MechaniGram A). It is first and 15 for Team A following penalty administration (MechaniGram B). A foul after the ready is the only situation where it will be more than first and 10 for Team A to start a new series.

5-3-1 Team A is short of the line to gain on a fourth down play after enforcement of all live ball fouls, which dictates it is a new series for Team B. The penalty for the dead ball illegal personal contact seen in PlayPic A is enforced before the chain and box are set for B's series. It is first and 10 for Team B at B's 35 yard line (PlayPic B).