6-5-6 Exception Diagram

6-5-6 EXCEPTION A member of the kicking team legally catches a scrimmage kick beyond the neutral zone. This is only permissible when no member of the receiving team is in position to catch the ball. There is no requirement that the receiver must make or attempt to make a catch - only that he is in position where he could make a catch if he desired. 

6-5-6 EXCEPTION Two R players are in position to attempt a catch. The opponent commits kick catch interference. The receivers must be given an unobstructed opportunity to catch the kick. R may accept an awarded fair catch at the spot of the foul, accept a 15-yard penalty from the spot of an awarded fair catch, or a replay of the down after having the penalty enforced from the previous spot.

6-5-6 EXCEPTION The punt in flight hits another K player in the shoulder as he goes downfield to cover the kick (PlayPic A). A receiver is in position to make a catch (PlayPic B). It is kick catching interference. R may accept an awarded fair catch at the spot of the foul or accept the penalty of 15 yards the previous spot and replay of the down K's recovery (PlayPic C) is negated.