8-2-2b Diagram

8-2-2a, b; 8-2-3a, b; 8-2-4a, b; 10-5-1f If during a touchdown scoring play either team commits a foul that has succeeding spot enforcement (MechaniGram A), the penalty may be enforced on either the try (MechaniGram B) or on the subsequent kickoff (MechaniGram C).

8-2-2a, b The opponent of the scoring team commits a live ball foul (other than unsportsmanlike conduct or a nonplayer foul) during the last timed down of the second quarter and there was no change of possession (MechaniGram A). The penalty may be enforced on the try (MechaniGram B) or on the subsequent kickoff to start the second half (MechaniGram C).

8-2-2a, 8-2-2b The scoring team may have an enforcement option if the opponent commits a foul during a down. In the MechaniGram, B1 held the receiver before the pass. A1 made the catch and scored despite the foul. Team A could have the penalty enforced half the distance on the try or have the 10-yard penalty applied on the succeeding free kick. The option is available for live ball fouls other than unsportsmanlike or non-player.