8-5-2b Diagram

8-5-2b One receiver blocks the punt and the ball is rolling near the goal line when a teammate touches the ball in an attempt to recover. The covering official must judge whether the ball could have gone into the end zone without touch. Since no new force was given, the original force was supplied by the kick and it is a safety if the ball goes out of bounds from the end zone.

8-5-2b The result of this play is a safety. The force which puts the ball into the end zone is the backward pass No. 3 did not supply a new force as the backward pass had not been grounded when he contacted it.

8-5-2b After a fumble has been grounded, a new force may result from a muff or bat. If the covering official rules B's attempted recovery provided a new force causing the ball to go into and through his own end zone, the result is a safety. If B had not added a new force, A's fumble through B's end zone would have been a touchback.