9-4-4 Penalty Diagram

9-4 Penalty When the passer is rouughed and there is a change of team possession or the run ends behind the previous spot, the penalty is enforced from the previous spot. In MechaniGram A, because B recovers the fumble, enforcement is from the previous spot. In MechaniGram B, when the result of the play is a touchback, enforcement is from the previous spot.

9-4 Penalty For the purpose of roughing the passer, the last spot where A possesses the ball (by run or recovery) is the spot from which to enforce the roughing. In MechaniGram A, A1 is roughed as A2 catches a pass at A's 35 yard line, where he fumbles. Grounded A3 recovers at A's 39 yard line. Enforcement is from the 39 yard line, which is where the ball was recovered by A. In MechaniGram B, A2's fumble is recovered by grounded A3 at A's 28 yard line. The penalty enforced from the spot of recovery.

9-4 Penalty Number 54 grasps but does not twist, pull or turn the passer's face mask. The foul is for an incidental face mask, and is not roughing the passer. The penalty is five yards administered under the all-but-one principle, and no automatic first down.