9-8-3 Diagram

9-8-3 If a player, coach or nonplayer is in the restricted zone while the ball is live but does not contact a game official, a warning is issued for the first offense. The second instance results in a five yard penalty and each subsequent offense results in a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

1-2-3g, 9-8-3 When the ball is dead a maximum of three coaches may be in the restricted area (MechaniGram A). Once the ball is snapped, no nonplayer may be in the restricted area (MechaniGram B). The first offense is results in a team warning; the second offense, a five-yard penalty fir sideline interference, and subsequent offenses, 15- yard penalty charged to the head coach. The two-yard restricted area may only be used when the ball is dead.    

2-26-8, 9-8-3 A restraining line is a line placed around the outside of the field. No person, including but not limited to, spectators, game administrators or members of the media, shall be allowed within the restraining line. A maximum of three coaches as well as permitted non-players are allowed within the restraining line in front of the team box, as provided for in Rule 9-8-3, as long as the ball is dead.