Sideline Control

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Since 2011, keeping the working area (six-foot white border) clear of coaches and players while the ball is in play has been a Point of Emphasis.  Although some teams have made some progress, that area continues to be a Point of emphasis for 2018.

Coaches will be allowed to only step to the sideline to call offensive and defensive signals after all action has ceased.  That working space (six-foot white border) is intended to allow officials to perform their duties adequately; to protect the safety of officials, players, and coaches; and to allow teams to demonstrate good sportsmanship within the team area.

There is no place for the excessive demonstrations occurring after plays by coaches and/or players coming onto the field of play, and there is no reason anyone should be on the field even during dead-ball action unless allowed by rule to attend to an injured player.

Action by coaches and team personnel have risen to the point of taunting opposing players, unacceptable verbal abuse toward officials, and is not consistent with the demeanor or bench decorum expected in our game.