Blocking Below the Waist 



Blocking below the waist is making initial contact below the waist from the front or side against an opponent other than a runner. Contact with an opponent’s hand(s) below the waist that continues into the body below the waist is considered blocking below the waist. Blocking below the waist applies only when the opponent has one or both feet on the ground.

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ART 2 Blocking below the waist is permitted in the free-blocking zone when the following conditions are met:

a. All players involved in the blocking are on the line of scrimmage and in the zone at the snap.

b. The contact is in the zone.

c. The block is an immediate, initial action following the snap.

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ART 2 A player shall not block an opponent below the waist except:

a. In the free-blocking zone when the contact meets the requirements of 2-17.

b. To tackle a runner or player pretending to be a runner.

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Penalty Information

Blocking Below the Waist – 15 yards. Live ball foul.