NFHS Rules Study Session – Hosted by Channel Coast Association – Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 22nd at 6:30pm Zoom, link below. The presenters will go through a quick refresher on fouls during running plays, but then spend the majority of the time discussing fouls during a loose ball…go through some slides, watch some film and answer some quiz questions.  Any questions contact Greg Truex (805) 236-5379 or
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Bob Hood – Bob is doing extremely well, no more medical procedures to go through and he’s home and up-and-about!  Welcome back Bob!
Jim Sibett – Jim also suffered a physical set-back when he experienced a mini-stroke (transient ischemic attack) but is home and having his usual beer with lunch!  He had us all scared there for a while.
Legal for the Passer to Throw the Ball Away to Conserve Yardage – This new rule is an exception to the illegal forward pass rules 7-5-2, when:

  1. The player is, or has been beyond the lateral boundaries of the free-blocking zone (as established at the snap) when the pass is released; and

    The forward pass reaches the neutral zone or beyond, including the area outside the field of play.  There is no requirement for an eligible offensive receiver to be “in the area”.

    1. Should the passer fail to accomplish BOTH a) and b), intentional grounding (7-5-2e) shall be considered.  PENALTY: 5 yards from the spot of the foul and loss of down.

      Should the passer achie3ve both a) and b), the down counts and the ball is placed at the previous spot.

NOTE: This rule applies to any passer, not just the QB.  So a WR or RB who is running a sweep may legally throw the ball away if the conditions of this exception are met.  This is different than the college rule.