Information Update 12/14/22

SDCFOA Information Update - Steve Coover - Post Championship Games


State Championship Games – A special “thank you” to Mike Andrews and Jacob Wittler, for their leadership of our two crews who worked CIF State Championship Games.  Jacob and his crew of Jacob Wittler, Mike Gunzelman, Mike Duggan, Terry Bernard, George Conley Jr., Derrick Vassar, and Blair Havens did a great job officiating the Classical Academy vs Lancaster game.  Then Mike Andrews, Scott Carroll, Ed Blick, Matt Starr, Jimmy Christensen, Leonard Blevins, Glenn Inigo, Parker Anderson, and Mark Halby worked the Etiwanda vs Granite Hills regional championship followed by the Liberty vs Pittsburgh game (due to availability issues we had some fill ins).  In addition to these two groups, Mike Lemieux also worked on an all-star crew doing a regional and a state championship game!  Again, congratulations to all who represented the SDCFOA so well, and thank you!
Alex Spanos All Star Game Crew – Joe Magnuson, Jim Huggins, Lorri Stratton, Spencer Hoffelder, Alec Rios, LD Wills, and Andrew Burkhart did an exceptional job working the annual all-star game and, again, represented the SDCFOA extremely well.  The game was fun, the coaches and players were great, and the crew let them play!  Again, thanks for your excellent work.
Two More All-Star Games – Well, there is an all-star game this Saturday at Mesa College at 6:15 pm.  It’s called the Mikasi Bowl with players from LA playing SD.  This is the one where the players get to celebrate without penalty.  Just FYI.  The following week is the Friday Night Lights All-Star game which features more of the star athletes who played on championship teams who couldn’t play in the Spanos game.  That will be Friday 12/23 at 7:00pm at Mission Bay HS.  A great crew has been assigned: Halby, Baily, Bryan, Trimble, Franklin, Takeo, Boccoli.
SDCFOA Off-Season Work – The recruiting and retention committee headed by Gittelson and Garza, are following up on some 35-leads for new officials who expressed an interest in joining.  Have you run across someone who’s interested?  Just get them in touch with either Gary or Dave!  In addition, the Board will be getting organized for the 2023 season in January and meet for the first of three monthly meetings in February.  Hint: we’re looking at meeting this season, in-person, at Mira Mesa High School.  Position Clinics will remain on Zoom.  It will be great to get back together, enhance our friendships, and learn from one another.  Our General Meeting will be Wednesday July 5th at Mira Mesa in the Theater at 7:00pm!  Don’t forget to study your rules in the off-season.  I will meet with the NFHS Rules Committee in January, and the new rules will be announced in February.  I anticipate at least one MAJOR rule change.  If you took the survey which I sent out, you’ll have a clue what the change(s) might be.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! - Steve

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