SDCFOA Information Update - 3-25-22

“The key to improvement is actual game experience.  This can be complimented with the study of the rules and our mechanics and philosophies manual.” – Coover (taken from Schutte)
We need Recruits – The board has approved the following:  If you recruit two new officials, your dues are $62.50.  If you recruit three new officials your registration is free!
Scott Reilly National Football Foundation Official of the Year – We just received the on-line ticket information.  Please consider attending and supporting Scott’s selection.  He is always willing to give back to the Association so here’s our chance to “give back” to him.  Here’s the link for the event on Friday, April 8th at 6:00 pm at Scottish Rite in Mission Valley:
Channel Coast Association Rules Study Session via Zoom – If you’re interested, check it out.  Tuesday, March 29th at 6:30 pm.  This month we’ll be reviewing fouls during free kicks and scrimmage kicks…review some slides, watch some film and answer some quiz questions. We’ve been averaging 60-70 people at the January and February sessions thanks to great turnouts from the San Diego and Orange County units.  Please contact Greg Truex if you have any questions.  Here’s the link and Greg’s contact information if needed.
Greg Truex
(805) 236-5379
New Rules Question – QB A7 takes the snap and fades straight back to attempt a pass.  Ten yards behind the line of scrimmage, A7 evades a tackler and runs toward the left sideline.  When he is outside the lateral boundaries of the free blocking zone, he throws a forward pass high into the stands.  The pass goes out of bounds before crossing the neutral zone, but its flight continues and eventually does cross the line of scrimmage but only once it is well out of bounds.
Ruling: No Intentional Grounding - A player may purposefully throw an incomplete forward pass without warranting an intentional grounding penalty provided the passer is, or has been, outside the lateral boundary of the free blocking zone, and the pass reaches the neutral zone, or the extension of the neutral zone beyond the sideline. (7-5-2 Exception #2)